Decoupled Season 2: Confirmation News and Release Dates?


Aditi Deshinge

Decoupled is a most popular Indian English series. Decoupled is a romantic comedy-drama series. It is the Netflix original series which tells the story of couples who are separated. The lead characters of this series are Arya and Shruti who are decoupled.

The first season of Decoupled was released on Netflix on 17th December 2021. And after watching all eight episodes in single sitting people are excited for Decoupled season 2. So will there be a next season of decoupled?

Decoupled season 2

The story shows the journey of the couple for reconciliation. It focuses on lightened and refreshing look at the marriage.

The story is based on Manu Joseph’s novels. The drama is set in the metropolitan city of Gurgaon. It focuses on the couple’s relationship with their friends and family.

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Decoupled revolves around the wealthy couple who decides to part away from each other. They took the decision because of their loveless marriage. But this decision creates issues in their family and close friends and so the couple is now dealing with those issues.

The comedy series contains lead stars like R. Madhavan, Suvreen Chawla, Delnaz Irani, Darren E. Scott, Sonia Rathee and Shrutee Choudhari.

With how things are left in season first of Decoupled, there must be Decoupled season 2 on its way.

How Many Seasons of Decoupled Released Till Now?

At present, there is only one season of Decoupled streaming on Netflix. The first consists of eight episodes which timings between 25-36 minutes.

decoupled season 2

Will Decoupled Season 2 Get a Release?

At the moment it is unclear that, Decoupled is going to come up with season 2. Netflix hasn’t renewed the series for its season 2 as of now.

The streaming partner decides the release of the next season mostly after one month of the show’s release. We are making updates on the renewal of Decoupled for a month but there is no official announcement yet by Netflix.

If we do not hear anything about Decoupled season 2 in the upcoming two months then probably the series is not going to come back on Netflix.

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We will keep you updated with what is happening with Decoupled. So stay tuned with us and read out our articles to get appropriate news.

What Are the Predictions for Decoupled Season 2 Release Date?

If the series gets renewed, then mostly it will get a release in 2022. Probably the series will come up with season 2 by the end of the year in December.

Mostly Netflix releases its original series in December, so releasing season 2 in December makes sense.

Production just needs a green signal from Netflix so that filming of it gets started.

What Will Be the Cast of Decoupled Season 2?

If there is going to release of the second season of Decoupled then we can expect the lead cast will be the same. We have listed the lead roles they may see in the second season as well.

decoupled season 2

  1. R Madhavan
  2. Suvreen Chawla
  3. Arista Mehata
  4. Aparna Mehta
  5. Harik Oberoi
  6. Mir afsar Ali
  7. Sonia Rathee

We can also expect the entry of new characters in the upcoming season of Decoupled.


Check out the glance of Decoupled here.

What is the Synopsis of Decoupled?

We did not find any official synopsis regarding Decoupled season 2 due to there being no such announcement by production yet.

In the first season, Shruti took the position for which she need to move to London and she decides to take her daughter Rohini with her without knowing Arya. When Arya gets to what Shruti is doing, he gets afraid because he will not be able to see Rohini again.

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So, season 2 might get continue from where things ended. So there are many questions regarding Decoupled Season 2 like, Will shruti actually move to London with Rohini? Will Arya move to Londo to be close to Rohini?

Basically, season 2 will be the answer to the question which arises at the end of Decoupled Season 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Release of Another Season for Decoupled?

Well, there is still no news regarding the renewal Decoupled yet. But according to the end of the story most probably Decoupled Season 2 will release by the end of 2022. It is also the most popular Indian English series on Netflix.

Is Decoupled Series Worth Watching?

Decoupled series is an Indian romantic drama and really very entertaining to watch. The storyline is something different and well developed. Moreover, this is really worth watching R. Madhavan in this series.


Fans of Decoupled series are eagerly waiting for its next season because the first season had created some unanswered questions. We will share everything about the upcoming season on our website so stay tuned to us.