Declaring, “I’m single now,” Sofia Vergara compliments the men’s clothing in New York.



New York gentlemen who meet the requirements should keep an eye out for Sofia Vergara! The actress from Colombia is unmarried and prepared to socialize in New York City.

Vergara is now promoting her Netflix series Griselda, which premieres on January 25, and she was recently spotted out in London. She made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, where she discussed the show and revealed a personal reason why she adores New York.

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The former New York City resident and star of Modern Family was asked by Fallon why she enjoyed the city. “New York City, who doesn’t love it?” she asked. It’s the people, really. It’s the vigor. I believe that with guys, you also have more choices. I’m not dating right now,” she said.


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Vergara appears to be open to dating anyone outside of the entertainment world. Thus, there are more individuals in New York. There are more than just actors, directors, and writers, you know. “I believe there’s a larger pool,” she remarked. “I intend to extend my stay in New York.”

After seven years of marriage and a divorce from Joe Manganiello in July 2023, Vergara started dating Justin Saliman in October. However, in January, a close source revealed to the Daily Mail that Vergara was not yet ready to settle down with someone, things had cooled off, and they weren’t an official couple.

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In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, the 51-year-old celebrity disclosed the reason behind her divorce, blaming it on age disparities and family planning.

“I recently went through a divorce. My spouse was younger and desired children, and I didn’t want to become an elderly mother, which is why our marriage failed. It’s unfair to the infant, in my opinion,” she said. Manganiello is 47 years old. “I don’t need that anymore. She went added, “I’m ready to embrace the role of a grandmother, not a mother. I had a child at 19.”