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Debris Season 2: Sci-fiction Drama Debris is Cancelled for New Season!


David Mudd

Will the two agents figure out to know the reason behind the falling of Small pieces known as debris from the damaged spaceship of aliens. How can they stop this to save human life, which has major dreadful effects on Humans.

It is sad for the fans of Debris that season 2 of two investigating officers of Debris has been cancelled by NBC. The low viewership is one of the reasons why the show is not coming for the next season as ratings of this Debris series falls down as the series lacks story engine or fuel which is needed by every drama to pull up the show.

When the season 1 ends the sci-fiction show has been pulled back by NBC and the show revolves around the two agents or investigators who are wandering in the country in search of some small pieces which are coming from the alien damaged spaceship.

They are searching and performing their task as these pieces or debris cause serious harm to the human beings.

The main stars of the series are Jonathan Tucker (Bryan Beneventi) and Riann Steele as Finola Jones and the Debris show is created by J.H. Wyman.

Debris Season 2

It was announced that Debris, a sci-fiction drama, is not taken by the network for the new season i.e. 2. Even the reason for the cancellation for this show is the same as the cancellation of other series as numbers fall down of this series.

Meanwhile the show also failed to impress the audience due to which the series is not watched by many and failed to hit the number.

The number or you can say that viewership for the per latest episode of this season drops and the rating falls from 5 million viewers to 2.8 millions views for the latest episodes and it is not good for the network to continue the series further.

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Do you know why the series is not watched by many and why the ratings for this show is so low.

Where do the low ratings come from, have you ever thought of it?

For running the series the show must be watched by the audience and it is only possible when it has an interesting storyline.

Story must be interesting to keep the audience stick to the series which makes the person interested in the series and doesn’t lose it. Even the characters also know what to do to make the show continue and what is happening in the show.

It is not only the show which is cancelled after season 1 meanwhile there are also other shows which do not have proper emotions or high concept on tv rather on paper and due to lack of strong concept it doesn’t engage the audience to stick to the series for long and the viewership of the show declines.

You have seen that in crime or police procedural series investigating is the main aim or the goal of the actor and will the heroes solve the cases or not.

In investigating series you see that by the end of the story you will get that who is the murderer and the reason behind any mystery or mishappening and how they resolve it which makes the audience to attach to the series and in the ending some questions are left to rise from the side of the audience what will happen next, will the story continue to the next season to know who is the villain, what is the next mystery and how can it be stopped and many more?

Debris Season 2

But in Debris after completing 13 episodes it didn’t stick the audience or the fans to watch the show more as I told above it lacks the story engine and the the audience along with actors didn’t know where the story goes on and what is happening in the series to make it more interesting.

After so much effort by the creators, Debris actors didn’t make their own personality which may have come out of this series and only left as the characters.

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Where to Watch the Debris Show?

You can watch Debris season 1 on FuboTv, Peacock and Hulu Plus.

The Debris season 1 got 6.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDB 74% on Tomatometer.

Debris Season 1 Trailer


Finally it is sad to say that it is not coming for the new season as it lacks the story engine which is needed by every tv show or series to run the show for a long time.