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Will There Be Death Parade Season 2?


David Mudd

Have you ever imagined what happens to the dead? Well, we have always known that humans either go to paradise or hell after death. As learned since childhood. But there is something more about it.

There is a third place in the picture where some of the dead people arrive. And this is at the Quindecim, a bar staffed by the enigmatic white-haired Decim, at the moment of their death. That is the Death Parade offering you. And soon we expect the second season to come up.

About Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade also referred to as Desu Paredo, is modeled on Yuzuru Tachikawa’s short movie Death Billiards. The anime manga series consists of 12 segments that screened from January to March of 2015.

Death Parade, in contrast to certain other anime series which are frequently based on novels and comics, is centered solely on a short film made by Tachikawa.

What Is The Story Of The Death Parade?

Death Parade presents us to the perplexing realm of the afterlife, where people are taken to one of several mystery clubs after death.

The bars are operated by bartenders who also serve as Arbiters. They force the dead to take part in Death Games in order to determine whether they will be reborn or banished to the abyss.

Decim, a bartender and Arbiter of Quindecim, is important to the plot. He began to experience human feelings after meeting a meddling black-haired woman named Chiyuki.

Decim chose to reincarnate Chiyuki after a sequence of events. The two ultimately split ways, with Chiyuki starting a new life and Decim remaining in the bar, ready to welcome new souls.

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What Happened To Mayu In Death Parade?

Death Parade Season 2

As she falls, she recalls stumbling on a bar of soap and falling on her head, where she most likely has been severely injured. She was bleeding to death (through external bleeding or hemorrhaging of the brain) or died from a severe concussion. In Episode 11, she and the Harada dummy were hurled into the void.

Why Is There No Death Parade Season 2?

There has been little or no fresh news on Death Parade season 2, and the launch date remains unknown. Upon this plus side, Madhouse did not confirm the series’ termination, so we may retain our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, because of the success of the show, Madhouse announced an additional season of Death Parade in 2016. So, it is still uncertain and we can not state that the show is leading to termination in only one season.

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Is Death Parade Worth Watching?

Death Parade Season 2

If you’re wondering whether or not Death Parade is good to watch, the answer is emphatical yes. When it comes to the people Decim evaluates at Quindecim Bar, you get snippets of their life as their recollections resurface.

It is totally different from other anime series being adapted from a short film and so the storyline and other factors make it unique and worth watching.

What Is The Death Parade Season 2 Release Date?

Although there has been no recent news regarding Death Parade Season 2 release dates, fans have been outspoken about their desire to purchase the second season of this interesting anime series.

Madhouse has confirmed that Season 2 of Death Parade will be published after Season 1. However, because the anime lacks content for season 2, the authors would have had to go outside the box to come up with a new plot that would fit in with the first season’s ending.

But don’t you get yourself disappointed as we hope that the season will revive soon.

Is Death Billiards before Death Parade?

Death Parade Season 2

It’s probably best to watch Death Billiards precede Death Parade because it’s a pilot episode and the TV show makes a fleeting reference to the movie’s bar clientele. Death Billiards’ narrative takes place somewhere after episode 5 and before episode 10 of Death Parade.

Can I Stream Death Parade On Netflix?

Oh, yes! The show is available on your favorite streaming platform. The series Death Parade is now on Netflix but only in some specific countries. Check out on the official website for your country’s availability.

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Death Parade Season 2

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