Death of a Telemarketer: The Movie That Points Out a Fact With the Twist of Comedy!


David Mudd

Khaled Ridgeway’s Death of a Telemarketer does an excellent job of capturing these truthful characteristics of the telephonic sector.

Telemarketers and their industry depend on a certain level of dishonesty because their work necessitates coming up with innovative ways to keep prospective consumers on the call. The environment of high-pressure sales calls is tremendously harsh, the rivalry is fierce, and the workplace is nearly always borderline hostile.

Telemarketers are indeed the bane of any mobile phone owner, filling their phones with pointless calls promising fictitious auto guarantees, unique opportunities, with exclusive bargains. In Death of a Telemarketer, an example of these pushy phony salesmen is offered.

Well, let’s explore what we already know about this comedic movie.

What Was the Release Date of the Movie Death of a Telemarketer?

Death of a Telemarketer

The movie had its official debut in 2020 first at American Black Film Festival, as well as being subsequently screened in 2020 at the Austin Film Festival. The procurement of the film’s international rights by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions was revealed in October 2021.

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On December 3, 2021, Death of a Telemarketer seemed to have a limited run, then on January 25, 2022, it became made available digitally.

First, at the 2020 American Black Film Festival, the 89-minute film took home the Fan Favorite Film Award. Additionally, the movie took home the best feature prize at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival in 2021.

What is the Storyline of the Comedy Film?

Death of a Telemarketer

Kasey, a master telemarketing and all-star at Telewin, sells internet and phone connections to unwary consumers in whatever dishonest means that results in a sale.

Kasey is indeed an unlikeable guy who is determined to win Telewin’s close sale material to receive a sizable commission that he wants to use to wipe off his payday lenders. New hire Barry outperforms Kasey significantly when the other telemarketers were encouraged to use Kasey’s strategy.

Kasey remains up late as well as chooses to try his luck with the illegal Do Not Call List since he is keen to accomplish this. The company’s absurdly capitalist business paradigm is depicted correctly as one employee is terminated right away for being unable to deceive and lie, whereas Kasey receives praise for his deceptive methods.

Inside the midst of all of this, Kasey makes an effort to have a romantic supper with Christine, however, fails to do so due to the awful circumstances that develop that evening. It gradually comes out like in chats between Kasey as well as Christine because Kasey dropped out of law school and therefore is wandering in his profession.

Kasey has a strained relationship with his father as a result of his uncertain life path. Christine says that Kasey comes from a wealthy family and that she is covering her graduate school expenses.

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He cancels his dinner reservation with Christine one evening so he can visit the office after everyone has departed. In an attempt to offer them what they previously rejected, Kasey has decided to phone those who are listed on the Do Not Call list.

Asa Ellenbogen, one elderly man Kasey has chosen because he believes the elderly are more susceptible to telemarketers, is among the persons he calls.

Before the conversation, Kasey sought up Asa via Facebook and posed as Phil French, one of Asa’s friends. When they were both in high school, Asa and Phil participated in the same marching band.

Kasey tries to con Mr. Asa under the guise of being his old friend only with 30 minutes to break Barry’s record but is informed that he passed away some time ago.

Things get even murkier when Asa shows up at Telewin and demands that Kasey apologizes on behalf of all telemarketers to every person on the Do Not Call List while holding them captive at gunpoint.

Things get even murkier when Asa shows up at Telewin and demands that Kasey apologizes on behalf of all telemarketers to every person on the Do Not Call List while holding them captive at gunpoint.

Who Are the Cast Members in the Film?

Death of a Telemarketer

Death of a Telemarketer is, for the vast majority part, a casual comedy featuring good laughs and a respectable cast to round out the set. Lamorne‘s superb line interpretation provides very genuine laughs, while some of the latter scenes drag in terms of implementation.

With the amazing Lamorne Morris in the role of Kasey Miller, we also get to see Jackie Earle Haley, who played the role of  Asa Ellenbogen, and Haley Joel Osment who was seen as Jim/Dean, and then we also saw Alisha Wainwright in the role of Christine.

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Furthermore, we saw Woody McClain in the role of Barry, Matt McGorry playing the character of Andy, and Gil Ozeri who played the role of Justin.

Sujata Day was seen as Shelly, David So in the role of Rick, Ian Verdun portrayed as Officer Brian Gerard, Gwen Gottlieb in the character of Liz, and Starletta DuPois as Mrs. Gordon.

Trailer of  Death of a Telemarketer!

Let’s enjoy the trailer of this comedy film filled with drama.


What is the IMBD rating of  Death of a Telemarketer?

The IMBD rating of Death of a Telemarketer movie is 4.8/10.

What are the main genres of the film?

The main genres of the film are Comedy, Drama, and Thriller.

Who are the producers of the movie?

Producers of the film are Datari Turner, Meagan Good, and James J. Yi.


It is clear that Ridgeway wanted the title to be a parody of Arthur Miller’s movie for comical purposes, however as the movie goes on, the impact feels more natural. Death of a Telemarketer does have an aura of authenticity about it, which does quite work throughout the film’s favor.

This is similar to the character, who remains unrepentant until the very conclusion. For somebody who is referred to by others as a smooth talker, Kasey seems undoubtedly incapable of understanding the most basic emotional beats in a discussion, and this carries over into the movie as the wholesome comedy-drama develops.