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Death Note Season 2 Major Spoilers


David Mudd

Once again Death Note session 2 is trending all over the web. From Reddit to anime forums, everyone’s talking about it.

But why now?

What’s so special?

Back on February 4, 2020, we saw the revival of the death note Manga series as Jump square magazine released Death Note one-shot chapter as part of its March edition.

Ever since then, the expectation of getting a new death note season has reached an all-time high.

BTW, that’s not the only thing making the Internet crazy. It’s the controversial plot of the new manga series. A plot where a character resembles the current US president. So, this had many to speculate that death note season 2 is likely to follow the sand plot.

This does sound fun. Isn’t it?

Death Note Anime Series Storyline

For the last 14 years, Death Note has remained at the top as one of the most popular Anime series. Right behind Fullmetal alchemist, one-punch Man, death note anime series stands at the third place with IMDB ratings of 9.0.

That’s expected since the 2006 Anime is the best adaption of the death note Manga series by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata.

The serialization of the death note Manga series started in 2004 and it concluded with its 12th volume in 2006. Now, in 2020, the writer-illustrator duo has come back with a new edition of the Manga chapter.

As for the story, Death Note Season 1 follows the life of a high school student Light Yagami. One day, out of the blue, he accidentally gets his hands on the eternal Death Note diary.

Death note is a magical diary that kills anyone whose name is written on it. Now, this deadly weapon is in the hands of a high-school kid. How deadly will did this be?

Light began his killing by justifying the murders. All he wanted to do was some good for society. However, the dark powers of Death Note corrupted his thoughts and then began the killing spree. Even though all these mysterious deaths were natural, the police started doubting them because of the same killing pattern.

The case is then sent to a world-renowned Detective L who gives Yagami a run for his money.

Death Note Review

There have only been a handful of times that I have been truly uncomfortable in a movie theater. The one that most sticks in my mind was going to the cheapo cinema for a buck to see Sin City. It was interesting enough, even though it was rather a moral cesspool of a movie and I never plan to watch it again.

But what disturbed me was that a dad brought his seven-year-old son with him. The boy was obviously disturbed at the whole thing and asked to leave on a couple of occasions. Father Dearest gave him a tongue lashing and went back to watching.

Now I have no problems with adults watching entertainment that’s not for children; not everything in life has to be palatable to a preteen. But for me, it’s painful when a child’s innocence is deadened by a stupid parent who’s too selfish to realize that it’s his responsibility to guard his kids from this sort of thing, not expose them to it.

In so many words, that’s how I feel about Death Note, a 37-episode series from 2006-2007 based on the hit manga that ran in Shonen Jump. The show itself is solidly entertaining, a thriller of high caliber.

Episodes fly by, and when my family was out of town recently, I bumrushed the whole thing in two days — a record for me. The show is defined by high-quality animation (by television standards). So what’s the problem? Simply this: it is a show that desperately needs moral underpinning, yet does not have any.

That makes it an uncomfortable watch for adults who really start thinking about the program’s ramifications. When you think that it was targeted to kids — young teens who watched it in droves — you begin to realize just how problematic the series really is.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

When Death Note Season 1 ended, it had a satisfying ending. All 37 episodes were covered exactly the way it was in the manga series.

That’s great.

So, there’s no way the anime series could continue with the previous manga volumes. Death Note season 2 would probably need some new manga content.

Now, 14 years later, with the release of the Death Note one-shot chapter, it’s possible, we might even get a new Death Note Season.

If you’re desperate to see Death Note Season 2, you can try sending messages to Madhouse studio on their social media handles or create a petition to start a new death note season. You never know, they might notice this & soon release the Death Note Season 2.

My Thoughts on Death Note Season 2

What do I think?

Will there be a new Death Note season?

Once again I would put emphasis on this. Death Note ended its 37 episodes season 1 on a pretty conclusive note. It was completely based on the 12 volumes of the manga series.

Besides, it’s been quite a long time since the release of Death Note Season 1. And to date, there’s no official wording on the follow-up season by its production house Madhouse. So, we can conclude that Death Note Season 2 isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

However, out of the blue, a brand new Death Note one-shot chapter got released in Japan’s Jump SQ Magazine in February 2020. Now, the production house Madhouse does have a lot of content to release as a new anime season. It’s up to Madhouse to decide whether they want to go ahead with season 2 or not.

Death Note Season 2 Spoilers

As of now, it’s not clear whether we’ll get Death Note Season 2 or not. If somehow it did happen, it’s possible, Madhouse might follow the storyline of the recently released Death Note: Special One-Shot.

In the February 4, 2020 edition of manga, the storyline took unexpected turns. Its story takes place 10 years after the events of the Original Manga series.

Shinigami Ryuk once again makes his comeback to the human world. This time, he approaches a middle-school student Minoru Tanaka. Even though he’s as intelligent as L, he takes on a different path.

Minoru sets up a public auction to sell the power of Kira to the highest bidder. Now, different world leaders are competing against each other to get their hands on the magical book. The presidents of China and the US starts the bidding. However, right after this, things start to go downhill. You can read the complete story on mangahere.

Even though the ending is not that great, if Madhouse picks the manga series, they can come up with a better conclusion. What do you think? Will this happen in Death Note Season 2?

Final Words

While Death Note die-hard fans are patiently waiting back to see a new Death Note anime season, we’ve seen its sequel in live-action film series.

For instance, in the Japanese live-action film series, the first two movies cover the events of the manga. And there’s a spin-off titled L: Change The World, that’s completely new to the Death Note audience. Then, there’s a 2nd direct sequel Death Note: Light Up The New World, and a prequel miniseries Death Note: New Generation.

That’s all for now. What do you think? Will there be a Death Note Season 2? Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below.