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Dear Edward Release Date: Who Plays Who in the Dear Edward Cast?

This article will discuss topics like “Dear Edward Release Date” and Everything you need to know about this. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Dear Edward might be the right programme for you if you want to get your heart broken and then have your faith in people restored. Connie Britton, Colin O’Brien, and Taylor Schilling are the stars of this new series from Jason Katims, the creator of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. Katims has said that he had cried while viewing it. Taylor Gates of Collider rated Dear Edward a B in her assessment and stated:

Dear Edward is imperfect yet ultimately compelling — a quietly ambitious study of grief and connection. It’s refreshingly unflashy, focused on its characters and the emotional thread that links them together.

What you need to know about the next series is provided here.

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What Is Dear Edward All About?

In the series Dear Edward, a fatal plane crash’s aftermath is followed, showing how the crash’s lone survivor, 12-year-old Edward, comes to terms with what happened and starts to live again. It is based on Ann Napolitano‘s book of the same name. According to Napolitano, reading about Ruben Van Assouw, a ten-year-old who was the only survivor of a plane crash in 2010, served as the inspiration for the book. Despite the title, the book and the TV show follow many of the people who were grieving after the disaster rather than just Edward.

Dear Edward Release Date

Who Plays Who in the Dear Edward Cast?

Colin O’Brien is playing the part of Edward. O’Brien has worked extensively in the theatre despite being a relative newbie to cinema and television. He previously appeared in the Netflix movies Mr. Harrigan’s Phone and an episode of SWAT. O’Brien appears to be in for a big year in 2023 because in addition to Dear Edward, he will also be appearing in the films The Mothership and Wonka as Martin and as a young Willy Wonka.

Connie Britton portrays Dee Dee, a woman who lost her husband in the plane crash. Although Britton’s part as Coach Taylor’s wife Tami in Friday Night Lights may be the one for which she is best known and most adored, it is by no means her only one. She played Nicole in Season 1 of The White Lotus and appeared in American Horror Story: Murder House. In an interview with Deadline, Katims claimed that he immediately thought of Britton for the part of Dee Dee, saying:

“I just had this instinct that she would connect this woman…I gave her the scripts, and we started this conversation about this woman.”

We got into this discussion about this woman after I gave her the scripts.

Dear Edward Release Date

Edward’s Aunt Lacey, played by Orange is the New Black’s Piper star Taylor Schilling, takes over the role after his parents pass away. Schilling also acted in The Lucky One with Zac Efron and Ben Affleck’s Best Picture-winning movie Argo. Erica was played by Schilling most recently in the Emmy-winning mini series Pam & Tommy.

She’ll play Ida May in the upcoming movie Queen of Bones as well. Carter Hudson, who you may know from the FX series Snowfall as Teddy, plays Edward’s Uncle John.

Linda, a pregnant lady whose partner perished in the collision Edward survived, is played by Amy Forsyth. In his earlier roles, Forsyth played Ashley Fields in The Path and Carrie Astor in The Gilded Age.

Eva Ariel Binder is portraying Shay, Edward’s friend. In addition to having a role in the bizarre and fantastical Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavor, Binder previously portrayed Sofia Torres on Grey’s Anatomy. She recently portrayed Addy in the Stillwater television series.

Idris Debrand portrays Kojo, a Ghanaian man who relocates to the United States to take care of his niece after the crash that claimed the lives of her parents. Debrand has previously appeared in a number of short films, as well as the television shows MotherFatherSon and Death in Paradise.

Amanda, a different character who perished in the collision, is portrayed by Brittany S. Hall. Prior roles for Hall include Imani, Nappily Ever After, and Ballers. Maxwell Jenkins, who has been in Reacher, Lost in Space, Sense8, and Joe Bell among other productions, plays Edward’s older brother Jordan.

Jenna Qureshi portrays Mahira, Jordan’s girlfriend. In addition to portraying Safina in the television series Alma’s Way, Qureshi has played the characters Ish in the films Just Add Magic and Just Add Magic: Mystery City.

Dear Edward Release Date

Who Are the People Who Created “Dear Edward?”

Jason Katims created Dear Edward for television. In addition to creating the show, Katims also served as one of the executive producers of the show and wrote the teleplay for a number of the episodes.

The popular television series Friday Night Lights, which explores a small town’s bond with its high school football team, is only one of Katims’ many insightful and nuanced works. He also created and wrote for the 2010–2015 television drama Parenthood. As We See It, an Amazon Prime Video series, was created and written by Katims more recently.

Fisher The first episode of Dear Edward was directed by Stevens. Stevens previously collaborated with Apple on the 2021 Justin Timberlake drama Palmer. He also directed the HBO documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in 2017, which received a nomination at Cannes for the Golden Eye award. Stevens is a skilled actor as well.

Dear Edward author Ann Napolitano is also an executive producer. Within Arm’s Reach and A Good Hard Look are novels by Napolitano that have already been published. In March 2023, her most recent book, Hello Beautiful, will be published.

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Is There Any Trailer For Dear Edward?

On January 18, 2023, a trailer for Dear Edward was made available on Apple TV+. With “a dozen stories that interweave through a central mourning group but generally stand on their own,” Taylor Gates wrote in her review of the series that it is a “real ensemble.” That is evident in the video, which features Edward and his efforts to start again in life as well as the relatives and friends of the other crash victims and how they cope with loss both individually and as a support group.

With Edward’s friend asking him what it’s like to “be famous,” and Edward’s aunt talking about how people always think of her as the person who took in her nephew, forgetting that she is also someone who has recently lost her sister, the trailer emphasizes the pain of grieving and surviving in public.

Despite its dark themes, the video tells viewers that this will be a genuinely encouraging programme as “Hey Ma” by Bon Iver plays and the words “it’s not what you’ve lost, it’s what you’ve discovered” appear on the screen.

Where Can We Watch or Stream Dear Edward?

Apple TV+ will be the only place to watch Dear Edward. Despite being a paid subscription service, Apple TV+ is presently giving away a week of service for free.

Dear Edward may not be the right programme for everyone because of its challenging and painful subjects, but it promises to be an emotionally rewarding trip for viewers seeking a nuanced and ultimately happy study of sorrow and healing. It is bound to leave an impact thanks to a terrific cast and staff.

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When Is the Premiere of Dear Edward?

The first three episodes of Dear Edward will debut on Apple TV+ on February 3rd, and thereafter, a new episode will be released every week until March 24th. Dear Edward has a TV-MA rating.

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