Dear Child Season 2 Release Date: Should We Expect Another Season?


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Dear Child is a crime based miniseries. It follows an enigmatic woman’s dramatic escape from captivity leads investigators to uncover the hidden secrets of an unsolved disappearance from 13 years ago.

Since the release of first season, fans of the series have been waiting for Dear Child Season 2 release date. Let’s talk about the future and updates of Dear Child Season 2.

Is Dear Child Season 2 Happening

The honest answer to this question is No. We should not expect Dear Child Season 2. What is the reason behind this? Well, adhering to the rule of a miniseries, with only 6 episodes and no plans for a season 2, it’s clear that the story will reach its conclusion within the allotted episodes, and we shouldn’t expect any future seasons. Also read about When can we mark our calendars for the renewed Moving season 2 to premiere?, and Is Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Dear Child Quick Facts

  • Directed by: Isabel Kleefeld
  • Written by: Romy Hausmann
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Fiction
  • Original Language: German
  • Available Languages: English
  • First episode aired on: September 7th, 2023 (S01 EP01)
  • The Last episode aired on: September 7th, 2023 (S01 EP06)

Dear Child Season 2 Release Date

Plotline of Dear Child Season 1

In “Dear Child,” Lena lives an isolated life with two children, Hannah and Jonathan, in a secure home with a strict routine. They are monitored by a mysterious man they call ‘Papa’ who checks them every night. Lena decides to escape, driven by desperation, and ends up hitting a car on the highway, leading to her hospitalization. You should not miss out on Still Up Season 2 Release Date, and The Last Kids On Earth Season 4

What Could Be The Storyline of Dear Child Season 2?

With no news of a new season and given the absence of recent updates, it’s likely that the show won’t return for another season. This absence of a storyline for a second season may give hints to the officials to officially cancel the show.

Ending of Dear Child

Lars and Jasmin confronted each other. Lars attempted to harm Jasmin, but she pretended to pass out, catching him off guard. In a swift moment, Jasmin seized the opportunity to run up to him and stabs him in the neck, asserting that she is not Lena but Jasmin.

Gerd, the police officer, approaches, witnessing Lars’ demise. In his final moments, Lars revealed the location where he buried the real Lena some time ago. Everything is resolved as Gerd closes all the case files. Jasmin embarked on a new chapter in her life.

Dear Child Characters

  • Birge Schade as Nurse Ruth
  • Christian Beermann as Dad
  • Kim Riedle as Jasmin
  • Naila Schuberth as Hannah
  • Sammy Schrein as Jonathan
  • Ozgur Karadeniz as Doctor
  • Seraphina Schweiger as Cop
  • Eskindir Tesfay as Salli Kurt
  • Julika Jenkins as Karin Beck
  • Haley Louised Jones as Aida Kurt
  • Justus Von Dohnanyi as Matthias Beck
  • Hand Low as Gerd Buhiling

Dear Child Season 1 Episode List

  • Ep 1: Hannah
  • Ep 2: Großvater
  • Ep 3: Das Haus
  • Ep 4: Regeln
  • Ep 5: Geschenke
  • Ep 6: Für Lena

Dear Child Rating

The show has earned an IMDb rating of 7.5, with a good narrative that viewers love watching.

Where to Watch Dear Child?

You can watch “Dear Child” on Netflix, giving viewers the choice to either stream it in one go or download it for later. You can re-watch if you have already watched it.


Dear Child is a crime based miniseries. Since the release of first season, fans of the series have been waiting for Dear Child Season 2. However, the miniseries are supposed to end with 6 episodes so We should not expect Dear Child Season 2.

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