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Deadpool Success Turned Suicide Squad Into A Comedy


David Mudd

Just when you thought you’d heard of Warner Bros. reactionary approach to filmmaking, we’re getting an insane piece of trivia. After Batman v Superman’s disappointment, Warner Bros scrambled to find out just why the film had failed. Instead of coming to the logical conclusion that the movie was an overstuffed poorly written mess; the studio execs decided it was because the film wasn’t “fun” as the Marvel films.

Yeah, because The Dark Knight was such a laugh out loud comedy, right? And that film earned over a billion dollars! Frankly put, the execs’ incompetence played a huge role in the failure of the DCEU.

It’s well-known that reshoots were ordered for Suicide Squad after Warner Bros decided the movies won’t be “dark” anymore. So, the film was turned into a poorly done, awkwardly structured, tonal mess of a comedy film.

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An Ayer Cut?

David Ayer has gone on record to say that while he has no ill-feelings, he wished he would have gotten to release his version of the film.

The director said that a few months ago until the movie released, it was a dark and somber thriller. Ayer went on to say that up until a few months before the film was due to release; his film rather closely matched the tone of the first Suicide Squad trailer; the one set to “I started a joke…”

As it were, DC’s panicked leadership decided to change the film into a comedy following Deadpool’s success at the box-office.

Ayer said, “This trailer nailed the tone and intention of the film I made. Methodical. Layered. Complex, beautiful and sad. After the BVS reviews shell shocked the leadership at the time, and the success of Deadpool – My soulful drama was beaten into a “comedy””

The resulting film was a disjointed tonal mess that was so poorly written with flimsy character motivations and little in the way of dramatic stakes.