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Deadpool 3: 6 Marvel Characters Everyone Would Love To See Featured In The Movie


David Mudd

Deadpool 3 has many expectations this time, the past two series are back to back hits. There is a talk about the entry of Marvel Heroes to the Dead pool. well, we can see X-men too. Excited? 

Yes, today we bring you a lot of exciting and splendid news about Deadpool 3.

We are not aware when Deadpool 3 is going to stare on screens, and coming to Marvel Studios, it has already announced their films will air in 2022.

 Who Is Going To Stare In Deadpool 3:

If it comes to our wish list to have Marvel heroes on screens, then I think it keeps going. We are so eager to see all our heroes shared one screen as heroes, villains, and anti-heroes. 

Let’s have a look over Marvel Heroes who will make our mind-blowing:



Peter Parker always makes us confused because Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are going through long-lasting disputes. This confusion makes every time and we think Spiderman is going to disappear on screens. Well, as now the two filmmakers settle their disputes, we can expect Spider-Man in Deadpool 3. This is not clear how Spider-Man makes sense in the Deadpool series.  

Wolverine : (Deadpool)

Yeah, coming to X-men hero, we can expect him to be part of Deadpool series. It’s going to be spellbound to all fans because Deadpool is going to cover Mutants too. Its quite clear that Deadpool includes Wolverine in its next series. We need to see how Logan going to be a part of this movie. And this a perfect ending to Hugh Jackman as he decided to leave the screens. 

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Agent Of Hydra (Bob):


Well, we can see Bob in deadpool3. In the  Marvel Comics, Bob, Agent Of Hydra is a regular companion of Deadpool’s as he embarks on his ridiculous misadventures, and this fact has been recognized in Deadpool’s cinematic past.  


Taskmaster shared some different relation with Deadpool series, the two characters having an odd dynamic in the comics, and it would be awesome to see it brought to life between Ryan Reynolds and Taskmaster. At present Taskmaster a part of BlackWidow soon after the film we can stare him on DP series.


Got shocked? yeah, no one can think that Hit-Monkey will be part of Deadpool series. As it is expected that Marvel is going to be part, but we don’t expect it goes beyond the Marvel heroes. Hit-Monkey is similar to it in that he is a killer for hire which is how their paths wound up first crossing in the comics.

Thanos: (Deadpool)

Like, entry of Bob and Wolverine there are many expectations about the path of Thanos too. Deadpool and Thanos have a history in Marvel Comics, particularly thrown fact that they are in love with the same woman: death. Yeah, it’s a love triangle that neither Deadpool movies nor Thanos’ Marvel Films show up but it’s an association that now can be seen on the big screen.


Well, we may deem a few more Marvel and other heroes share the same screen until we bring u news to you stay tuned to us.