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Deadly Illusions: Mystery And Horror Netflix Movie!


David Mudd

Directed by Anna Elizabeth James, Deadly Illusions is the 2021 thriller movie released in the United States on March 18, 2021 and produced by Greer Grammer, Shanola Hampton and Anna Elizabeth James.

F. Brian Scofield is the editor of Deadly Illusions which follows the story of a writer who is busy in her work and wants to hire a nanny for her children to take care of.

But the nanny they got is psychopath or the double identity named Grace and the line between the real and the illusion starts blurring when she came to know more about the nanny which was hired by Mary for her twin children.

Kristin Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Greer Grammer and Shanola Hamption are the stars of this thriller American Movie which is not well received but a good one to watch.

Mike McMillin is the cinematographer while Drum & Lace have given the music in this thriller series.

Voltage Pictures and Kiss and Tale productions are the production companies behind making Deadly Illusions and the movie came on Netflix on March 18,2021 and has a running time of 114 minutes in English Language.

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Deadly Illusions: Story

Deadly Illusion

The story revolves around Mary Morrison and her family along with a nanny Grace who is hired to take care of Mary’s two children.

Mary is a writer and always wrote thriller movies and she is happy in her married life but she has to work more as her husband lost half of the investment in risky investments in estates.

So she decided to write another book and for writing another book she was offered two million dollars in advance. As she is busy with her work, her friend Elaine tells her to hire a nanny for her children and her husband to take care of them so that she can do her work in peace. With the suggestion given by her friend she starts hiring a nanny by taking a few interviews and then selects Grace who is young as a nanny for her twin children.

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She started developing friendship with Grace to inspire her about her work and one day she dream that Grace has a sexual affair with her husband Tom, but she didn’t tell anyone as she was not sure it was her imagination or she see this thing in reality.

In the night she shows anger towards Grace but feels sorry and apologises to Grace the following day.

She tells that she got anger last night due to over working and then calls nanny agency to clear her check to pay the fees of nanny but she is shocked when the nanny’ hiring agency tells her that she didn’t hire any nanny from her agency and there is no girl named as Grace in their service who works as nanny.

Deadly Illusion

The woman or Mary is shocked to know who is the girl who came to their house and then she visits Elaine house to ask her but finds her dead and then calls police but unfortunately according to police she is the main suspect behind the murder of Elaine as her face is covers with scarf and glasses and the woman is recorded in video.

She then goes to Grace’s hometown to find out who she is and finally came to know about her from her aunt.

Later on she calls her husband Tom to tell and beware of the girl as she was not nanny but Tom didn’t pick her call and Mary rushed to her home to save her husband where Tom is taking bath and Grace comes near Tom to kill him but till that time Mary reaches home and then Grace started attacking her and didn’t know about it as she suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

However she managed to save her by knocking Grace and then Grace is sent to mental hospital where Mary came to see her in the ending of the film and goes with police as they suspect she is the killer of Elaine.

Where to Watch: Deadly Illusions 2021 Film?

You can currently stream this movie on Netflix.

Is Deadly Illusion a Horror Film?

Yes, according to me it is a horror and unhinged movie in which Grace, a beautiful lady, comes as a nanny to provide her service but later finds out that she has an identity disorder.


Deadly illusion is an average movie which received 3.7 out of 10 ratings on IMDB while it earned only 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the popularity of the movie is increasing after such reviews and ratings to this film.

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