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Deadloch Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything Else You Want To Know!

The much-anticipated series Deadloch release date is out now. The story of Deadloch takes place in the town of Deadloch in Tasmania. Here people are getting ready for the Winter Festival. However, things take a turn when a man from the town is found dead.

To solve the case, a detective from Darwin named Sami joins forces with the strict local detective Box and an enthusiastic junior detective Oyama. Together, they work on the investigation to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death.

Release Date Of Deadloch

The first season of the TV series called “Deadloch” will be released on Amazon in the USA and UK in 2023. The confirmed release date for this detective comedy series is June 2nd, 2023. You can enjoy watching it on Prime Video this year.

Cast Of Deadloch

  • Kate Box plays the character of Dulcie Collins.
  • Madeleine Sami portrays the role of Eddie Redcliffe.
  • Nina Oyama takes on the character of Abby.
  • Alicia Gardiner plays the role of Cath.
  • Tom Ballard portrays the character of Sven.
  • Susie Youssef takes on the role of Aleyna.
  • Pamela Rabe plays the character of Margaret.
  • Kris McQuade portrays the role of Victoria.
  • Duncan Fellows takes on the character of Ray.
  • Harvey Zielinski portrays the role of Gez.
  • Shaun Martindale plays the character of Phil.
  • Katie Robertson takes on the role of Vanessa.
  • Naarah plays the character of Sharelle.
  • Nick Simpson-Deeks portrays the role of James King.
  • Mia Morrissey takes on the character of Nadiyah.
  • Leonie Whyman plays the role of Tammy.
  • Kartanya Maynard portrays the character of Miranda.
  • Mick Davies takes on the role of Mike.
  • Hollie Austin plays the character of Skye.
  • Stephanie Jack portrays the role of Megan.

Plot Of Deadloch

The trailer for the TV show “Deadloch” just came out on Prime Video's YouTube channel, and from what we gathered, here's what the story seems to be about. There's a small and calm village by the beach getting ready for their Winter Festival when a man named Trent is suddenly found dead on the shore.

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Dulcie Collins, a local senior sergeant played by Kate Box, takes on the case and starts investigating. However, she doesn't make much progress. Her boss informs her that they have brought in another experienced investigator named Eddie Redcliffe, portrayed by Madeleine Sami. They will be working together on this case.

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On the flip side, Eddie is quite challenging to handle, and due to their differing perspectives on the murder, they don't seem to get along. Collins is convinced that this case goes beyond a single death and could be connected to another incident that occurred five years ago. However, Eddie disagrees with her assertions.

Deadloch Release Date

With things going this way, how will the pair identify the killer? There's a possibility that another murder could occur right under their watchful gaze, particularly with the approaching Winter Festival.

Where To Watch Deadloch?

“Deadloch” is a funny TV show created by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. It consists of eight episodes and is available on Amazon Prime Video


This year, we've been treated to a bunch of hilarious new shows like Beef, Mrs. Davis, and Shrinking on Apple TV+. We've also seen the return of beloved favorites like Ted Lasso, Succession, and Barry. These shows have all been a hit with audiences, with their perfect timing and comedic brilliance. Now, this is another comedy series to look forward to on Prime Video called Deadloch.

Deadloch Release Date

Deadloch is produced by Amazon Studios, Guesswork Television, and OK Great Productions. The show combines an intriguing mystery plot with the unique humor of the Kates. So, get ready for Deadloch, the upcoming mystery comedy series coming soon to Prime Video.

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