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Dead Rising 5: Release Date, Expectations And All New Details


David Mudd

Dead Rising 5, is been rumored for many cancellations and delays. Most of this horror video game fans are still in dilemma about its next release.

As we all know Capcom Vancouver is about to deal the next upcoming series too, but due to some financial problems the game is cancelled to have in Vancouver hands.

Thanks to Capcom, because now Capcom takes the responsibility of the next series.

But when will be the net series will thrill the fans again?

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Dead Rising

Now you are going to experience the chill to your nerve again. Yeah, Dead Rising is going to set its feet on the screens again.

As I stated earlier, the capcom is bringing the next series. Now, we have good news from developers, the game will air on 26th of April 2021 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

What about the PC release? Well,  PC version will be air on June 19th 2021.

Not only this, we have some mire good and sweet news to the game fans. The game producers reveals the working with Nintendo Switch for the Dead Rising 5. And we can have it on Switch on New Year Eve, in the year 2022.

What More You Need To Know?

Hey, hold your breath for a while, because I’m going to share the ear full news to know, I don’t know whether you will jump or shout in exictement after your from me.

Dead Rising 5 is rolling with many more new things which are lacking in Dead Rising 4. The new season, introducing you, the time limit, the psychopaths, and the many more freaking features.

New Features Are On For Season 5:

  • Merchants: Well, we will see some small group of people spreads in the area of map where they sell items for survivors. The leading character, Hank can access to weapons, food and Combo weapons too from them.
  • Survivors Benefits: Now, Hank rewards with PP points are made for those who completed activities.
  • Hunger Bar: Make the Hank alive by hunger bar where he will be feeding with food he needs and makes him stay long.
  • Thirst Bar: Drinking is also essential for Hank, so there is HUD where he will drink to stay alive. Beer or Vodhaka is all need will access.

Dead Rising

Many more features with different style of gameplay will surely mesmerize you.

For more info of the game stay glued to our website.