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Dead Files Season 12- Plot | Host | Release Date | Trailer and More


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Dead Files is an American paranormal television series. Do you love to enjoy paranormal television series? I love the most and even my hubby loves them too. Untitled-design---2021-03-10T114050.jpg

Let’s have a look over one such series i.e. Dead Files Season 12. It is based on the partnership between Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi. Amy Allan is a physical medium and Steve is a homicide detective. This duo haunted locations of their clients to get the sign of paranormal activities.

Initially, it was aired on the Travel Channel. The 11th Season of Dead Files was premiered on 11th July, 2019. After this, all the fans (including me) are waiting to know something crispy about the next installment (the 12th Season of Dead Files).

Keeping this in mind, here is everything about the 12th Season of Dead Files like the plotline, the hosting characters, the upcoming date, the trailer and much more……..

Have you enjoyed the previous seasons of Dead Files? If not then you can recognize the popularity of the series by its IMDb Rating which is given below………

So, keep on scrolling down…………

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Dead Files Season 12

As I told you above that Dead Files Season 12 is an American television series. It is based on the relation of both Amy and Steve.

They both conduct their experiments individually. The final investigation result discussed in the revelatory section. In this section, clients are also available in it. All the findings are discussed and the perspectives and accounts of clients are also considered before making any call to justify the safety of the place.

What Happens in Dead Files Season 12? | The Plotline of Dead Files Season 12

In Dead Files Season 12, Officer Steve DiSchiavi was famed key NYPD detective for the department of homicide. After 21 years of service, Steve is drawn towards the paranormal just to quench the irresistible urge to an area of mystery which is not explored or you can say dismissed by the state and other detectives of the state.


In the 12th Season of Dead Files, Steve team up with Amy Allan to find the clues of paranormal activities. These activities cause nuisance to the local people. The investigation demonstrates an intriguing past. In the starting, they both introduce their credentials and Amy sounds like the boy in ‘The Sixth Sense’.

Steve tries to interrogate people and to dig into history just to determine the variety of things. Along this, Amy walks through the house to put her finger on the sublime. From the investigation, Steve shows some sordid deed that went in the house. Amy shows the presence of the entity that causes problems.

Amy has her own demons. She claims to be tormented by ‘Shadow people’ from a young age. Therefore, she knows what feels like it.

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The host of Dead Files Season 12

Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, the iconic duo are the host of the show. Amy is a phychic medium and follows a long history of both on-air casting and psychic consultancies on different Discovery and Travel Channels. She had starred in 2002 documentary named, A Hunting in Georgia.

Steve DiSchiavi is a paranormal investigator. He lives up to his psychic partner’s gift. Steve has already been involved in so many cases after his retirement. He is also a mainstream actor in the comedy skit named, State Out: My Dad’s Rolex.

The Release Date of Dead Files Season 12 | When Will It Premiere?

The 11th Season of Dead Files premiered on 11th July, 2019 and came to an end on 3rd October, 2019. As the season goes on, all the fans (including me) are waiting for the official announcement about the 12th Season.


Travel Channel has no reason to cancel one of the highest performing shows. That’s the reason behind the premiere of Dead Files Season 12.

Season 12 was first aired on December 3, 2019 with 13 episodes. And the 13th episode which is the last episode of Season 12 aired on April 23, 2020.

So, you can easily enjoy this series on the screen.

Is there any Trailer of Dead Files Season 12?

The official trailer of the 12th Season of Dead Files is not out yet. But you can enjoy the above video to get some basic idea about the 12th Season.

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IMDb Rating of Dead Files

The IMDb Rating of Dead Files is 6.8 out of 10 with 2,100 votes. This reveals its demand among the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the renewal of Dead Files Season 12 confirmed or not?

The official announcement about the renewal of the 12th Season is on hold.

What is Dead Files Season 12?

It is an American paranormal television series.

Final Words

Dead Files Season 12 is one of the best paranormal television series which is completely related to the relationship of both Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi. They both made up a team to solve various cases with deep investigation. But at present the official date of the 12th Season is not out yet. So, we have to wait for further announcements…………

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