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Dead By Daylight: Addition Of Bots And More New Features


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about what Dead By Daylight game has to offer. Also, read ahead to know the addition of bots and other new features in the video game.

The Video Game

The Dead By Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror video game. Furthermore, Behaviour Interactive is the developer and publisher of the Dead By Daylight. Besides the original in-game characters, Dead By Daylight offers downloadable DLC characters.

These characters are from several famous horror franchisees. Moreover, they include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Evil Dead, Scream, Stranger Things, and many more.

The video game uses Unreal Engine 4. It is a multiplayer game. Furthermore, Dead By Daylight is played as one versus four online multiplayer. One player takes the role of the savage killer, while the other four take the role of the survivors. Moreover, they have to try to escape without getting caught by the killer.

Dead By Daylight

The killer will play in the first-person perspective and the survivors will play in a third-person perspective. Also, the survivors cannot fight the killer. They can only escape from him.

Also, the survivors must repair five generators spread across the map. Repairing them will power the exit gates. As a result, they can escape from the killer through the exit gates.

Release Date

It was first released on Microsoft Windows on 14th June 2016. It was then released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on 22nd June 2017. Furthermore, it was released on Nintendo Switch on 24th September 2019. Finally, Dead By Daylight released on Android and iOS on 17th April 2020.


Dead By Daylight Adds Bots And New Features

The new version adds bots in the video game. They fill in the space of humans. Also, the Bloodmarket allows players to share items between the different characters. Furthermore, a free ticket system will allow you to temporarily unlock new characters and test them out.

Dead By Daylight

Also, super mystery boxes will provide you with random rewards that will help you progress ahead in the game.