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DDG Net Worth: What Makes Him So Wealthy?


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Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. prevalently known as DDG has an expected net worth of $4 million. DDG acquires most of its pay through different of his music collection deals and YouTube recordings. Other than that, he has had the option to procure a critical sum from making content on Vine.

DDG has even put resources into numerous private ventures. To add to his net worth he has contributed a lot of his pay in Bitcoin to build his riches. As per different sources, DDG can acquire in excess of 50,000 bucks each month. In this article, we will give every one of the subtleties connected with his carer, individual life, pay source, and so forth.

Early Life of DDG

DDG broadly known as Darryl Dwayne Granberry, Jr. was brought into the world on tenth October 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan, United States. He experienced childhood in Michigan alongside his four kin.

He had an interest in music since the beginning since his dad was occupied with a music studio as a sound specialist. He has likewise confronted extreme injury in his life, as his sibling wound up dead in 2014.

ddg net worth

To finish his review and graduate, he got selected at International Tech Academy. In any case, because of his advantage, He later joined Central Michigan University. However, since his enthusiasm for music and youtube was developing, he exited the University and began taking in substantial income from YouTube.

DDG’s Career

Alongside his Youtube recordings, DDG likewise had an enthusiasm for music. His dad was a sound designer, so he was consistently near and associated with the business.

His prosperity as a Youtube character permitted him to effectively change into the music business. He delivered two of his first tunes in quite a while, and Free Parties, both created by Zaytoven, perhaps of the best maker in the rap game.

ddg net worth

DDG would follow up by teaming up with Famous Dex on the single Lettuce. He delivered the melody on his YouTube channel and, in the primary hour, acquired north of 500,000 views.

In November 2017, he started the rollout for his presentation EP, Take Me Serious, by delivering Givenchy. The tune was an immense achievement and had north of 25 million views on YouTube.

This grabbed the eye of numerous people, and he got calls from various record marks. He would at last sign with Epic Records, who work with many stars like Travis Scott, Future, Yo Gotti, and some more.

Under the mark, he delivered three ventures, Die 4 Respect, Sorry 4 the Hold Up, and Valedictorian All three were generally welcomed, procuring him a spot on the 2021 XXL Freshman rundown.

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DDG additionally established his record name Zooted Ent, devoted to developing the brands of impending specialists and content makers. He additionally contended in the Tik Tokers Vs Youtubers superstar fight, where he crushed Nate Wyatt. The two endeavours have added to his distinction and prevalence and given one more stream of payments to the young rapper.

What is DDG’s Net Worth?

DDG has an expected net worth of $4 million. He acquires most of his pay through different of his music collection deals and YouTube recordings.

Other than that, he has had the option to procure a critical sum from making content on Vine. He has even put resources into numerous private companies. To add to his net worth he has contributed a lot of his pay in Bitcoin to build his riches.

DDG has given different hit music collections and recordings, notwithstanding, he is most popular for his singles like “Givenchy”, “Dope” and “G.O.A.T.”. He is likewise a fellow benefactor of a record name, Zooted Ent.

Who is DDG Dating?

Discussing his own life, DDG was in a relationship with the YouTuber Kennedy Cymone. In 2017, they began seeing one another and after a year he proposed to her.

Around the same time, the couple got even taken part in a special arrangement nonetheless, because of private matters the pair isolated their lives in the summer of 2018. As per different sources, he was likewise in a relationship with a pop vocalist, Emaza Dilan.

How Did DDG Become Rich?

DDG is a notable rapper and YouTuber who is likewise notable in other virtual entertainment locales. He is a notable figure in web-based entertainment. He started bringing in cash from YouTube before he turned 20. DDG began creating generally $30,000 each month when he was 20 years of age.

Four of his YouTube channels contributed a huge piece of his $4.5 million net worth. His music bargains additionally contribute altogether to his income. He has marked an arrangement with Epic Records as a rap artist.]

ddg net worth

DDG has north of 9 million individuals over its four YouTube channels, in this way the adverts on its recordings get large chunks of change consistently.

He’s likewise a 4 million-follower Instagram star who brings in cash through online entertainment brand sponsorships. For his net worth, these web-based entertainment networks are an incredible wellspring of income.

DDG’s Spotify account has 5.5 million month-to-month audience members and is one of the most famous hip-bounce local area names.

Obscure Facts About DDG

He claims a $ 2 million extravagance home. He remodelled and upgraded his bequest with an extra $420,000 from his worth.

  • DDG has different YouTube channels.
  • He has in excess of 9 million supporters spread across his four youtube channels
  • He likewise has 5.5 million month-to-month audience members in his Spotify account
  • He got popular in the wake of engaging the crowd with tricks and responding to recordings.

Key Takeaways

Wager on yourself: DDG exited the school, trusting that his initial accomplishment as a YouTube character would convert into a career. It worked out, and presently he is worth millions.

Now and again, you have to pay attention to your instinct and accept that your gamble will turn out to improve things. It very well may be the one thing you want to take yourself to a higher level.

ddg net worth

Be Diverse: DDG has turned into a known rapper and YouTube character; his ubiquity in the two realms has helped his career immensely. Continuously attempt to differentiate yourself as a business visionary, the more surges of riches, the better on your street to independence from the rat race.


Have you at any point considered what the net worth of DDG is? Indeed, the American rapper and YouTuber has fabricated an enormous following and is worth a fortune. As of August 2022, DDG has a net worth of $2 million. This post will outline how he made his progress.

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