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DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7: Latest Updates


David Mudd

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is an American superhero TV series that was first launched in 2016. The show is a crossover of Arrow and The Flash. Major characters from both these shows are present and they form a team to save the world. The series plays with the concept of multiple timelines and multiverse. DC‘S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 will be a great watch!

In the beginning, The Legends of Tomorrow team members included Arrow, The Flash, White Canary, Martin Stein, Jax, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkgirl and Atom. A mysterious time traveller Rip Hunter becomes their leader. Over time, team members sacrifice their lives to save their team members.

The action drama has always been full of powerful moments and excitement, creating new stories of heroes and villains. Get caught up with the latest news of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 7, release date, the cast and possible storyline. 

Plot of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7

The story started when Rip Hunter put together a team of heroes, vigilantes and villains to end Vandal Savage who killed Rip’s wife and child. After encountering multiple challenges some of them sacrifice themselves and some decide to walk away. As priorities shift, a new team must be formed to fight evil.

Quick recap

The show has had an ensemble of cast. In season 6 we see new members and recurring members who become permanent. Till now the legends have battled Vandal Savage, Time-demon Mallus, mythical creatures called Encores and even fixed time aberrations. Now they must face the Space aliens. Their team is further expanded when they meet a woman who was abducted by space aliens when she was a child. Now she believes that she can communicate with the aliens. 

The team

the cast of DC'S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7
Featuring the cast of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7!

White Canary Sara Lance

Sara was first introduced in Arrow. She belonged to the Lance family, neighbouring the Queens. She had a crush on Oliver Queen, her sister Laurel’s boyfriend. She has an extremely traumatic past which has affected her personality a lot. Her training as an assassin has made her an extraordinary warrior

Sara Lance earns the rank of the captain of the Waiverider.  Later she falls in love with Ava Sharpe and gets engaged.

Heatwave Mick Rory 

Apart from Sara, Mick has been part of the team from the very beginning. He used to be a career criminal, an arsonist. Cynicism and weirdness are predominant traits of his personality. Later, Rory’s writing skills are discovered and he becomes a semi-famous writer. From season 7, Rory will be a recurring character and not a permanent one anymore.

Ava Sharpe 

a glimpse from season 6 episode 7 of DC'S Legends of Tomorrow
An episode from Season 6 of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow!

 Ava used to be an agent of the Time Bureau. When the Time Bureau is shut down, she joins the Legends team. Initially, she had a somewhat difficult relationship with Sara and the team. Later she adapts to the team. 

Ava also learns that she is a clone and has her powers. This is something she always wanted to keep to herself. All that matters to her is Sara’s presence in her life as a support system 

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Historian Nathan Heywood 

Dr Heywood is a time detective. With the help of Oliver Queen, he revives Mick Rory from Statis and with his immense knowledge in history he tries to locate the members, across time. The quirky historian feels right at home with this team.

John Constantine 

Constantine is a chain-smoking cynical bi sexual demonologist who sent a young girl to Hell through a botched up exorcism. 

He was first introduced on Arrow, when he helped Oliver to revive the soul of Sara Lance, on the island of Lian Yu. In Legends of Tomorrow, he helps to fight off demons who escaped during the fight with Mallus.

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Zari Tomaz / Zari Tarazi 

Zari Tarazi is a hacktivist from the dystopian world of 2042 ‘s timeline. She uses hacking to gain dark intelligence. Later her character was changed into Zari Tomaz who is a social media influencer. Later she learns that she, along with her brother, is the wielder of the Wind Totem; she finally understands everything. To save her brother’s life she sacrifices her own life. 

DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7

a glimpse from DC'S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7
Featuring a still from DC’S Legends of Tomorrow!

DC’ Legends of tomorrow is one of the most notable shows in the Arrowverse. The initial tone of gravity is now shifted to humour and sarcasm. The use of witty dialogue and comedy has this show more appealing. The show deals with a host of characters and various timelines. We can only hope that season 7 will take the adventures further while some members may be retiring for good. There is no official notification regarding the cast of the show.

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Release date of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7

There is no official date for the Season 7 premiere. Considering the raging pandemic which has severely affected the entertainment industry just like other areas of life, Season 7 might be aired on 2022 end or 2023 beginning.

Availability of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 7

The show is available on Netflix.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the biggest shows ever. Not only has the show been running for a good 5-year span, but it also is the biggest part of Arrowverse.  The plot keeps expanding and characters keep evolving which is pretty awesome to see.

We know that fans are forever ready to travel with this amazing group of people. But sadly they must hold out hope a little longer.