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DC: Future Plans For Flash & The Film Universe


David Mudd

There is a recent controversy featuring Ezra Miller. And it has created a lot of chaos. Amidst this, there also stands the future of DC. Now, fans are thinking what will happen to the Flash movie.

Also what all should be expected in time. Ezra Miller was found in a huge brawl lately and people have clashing opinions on it. Also, everyone is waiting for the Flash movie since long. So now it is also under questions.

Everyone is wondering how that will be. And they have many questions about it. Earlier, the Spiderman Far From Home co-director got out of this project over ‘creative differences’. But even he took a dig at Ezra Millers now.

Where are things heading?

What Will Happen To The Flash?


Now the movie is going to happen. There is no denying that. The script is written. And this character is very dear to the Warner Bros to lose this. However, it is uncertain if Ezra Millers will play the lead or not.

Other than that, everything is set. DC is moving on with its movie. It will lead on the script. But the main lead is uncertain as of now. After the controversy, there were no charges on Ezra Millers as of now.

He has choked and manhandled a fan. And this hasn’t gone down well with everyone. They are not happy with the undertaking of this incident. People are confused about this.

What To Expect?

In this part of DC movies, there will be a change in the story. Since Flash will travel time with his speed, there will be altercations.

The DC universe will be deeply affected by this. The timeline will forever be daunted. So, keep a track of how events stay. Flash is going back to save his mother.

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More About This

People are at differences with this incident. Some think that this has happened for real. However, others think that this is only a stage show. But whatever the case, Ezra Miller’s career will face huge consequences of this.


The co-director also tweeted again quoting only creative differences. It can be a dig on the recent incident. Where he is quoting that incident to imply how hard it is to work for him. In any case, this controversy must be addressed. But no official spokesperson has spoken on this.