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Daybreak Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Updates


David Mudd

After Daybreak first season wowed critics and audience alike with its irreverent take on the apocalypse; it’s only natural that fans want more. Based on a comic book, the show adapted to the television medium in order to more effectively tell a story that was well worth a binge. Brian Ralph’s comic series is an excellent exploration of an apocalypse but the show quirky irreverent humour is just as enjoyable.

So, fans won’t be happy to learn that the Netflix show has been cancelled after airing only season. Confirming that the show had indeed been cancelled Aron Coleite, the showrunner tweet that the show won’t be returning.


It’s understandable that fans are miffed. After all, the first season’s twist ending was a massive cliffhanger. The first season wasn’t lacking for plot twists throughout, but the pinnacle was the final scene set up a sophomore season was that twist ending. Having stop Principal Burr from launching a nuclear bomb into space, it almost seem that all was well and the season was to end on a happy note. But as the heroes celebrated, Josh once again tried to make an advance on Sam, only for her to reject him.

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What The Show Could Have Been… (Daybreak)

As it were, Josh is one of the few to survive the first six months of the apocalypse and not see a radical change in his personality. Sam’s character has held a deep disdain over being classes as a damsel in distress who is to be saved by Josh. So instead, Sam now decides that she can take charge of the situation herself and rise up as the leader of the jocks; whilst simultaneously defeating the other factions while she is at it. Her evolution from hero to villain was arguably fascinating, and it’s a darn shame we won’t ever get to see her as intended.