Daybreak Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!


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Daybreak, a Netflix original series that premiered in 2019, brought a sense of playfulness to the apocalypse. ‘The Walking Dead”s the first season was a fantastic blend of comedy-drama and post-apocalyptic horror.

As a result, the show was extremely popular with the audience, who expressed a desire to see more of it in Daybreak Season 2. However, it was not to be because Netflix decided not to continue with this series. So, is there any ray of hope, and will the series ever make an appearance again? Everything you need to know is right here.


Daybreak is a post-apocalyptic dark comedy web television series produced in the United States. This Netflix original series was created by Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite.

It is an adaptation of Brian Ralph’s comic series of the same name, which was published in the same year. The first season of the show premiered on Netflix in October of this year and consisted of a total of ten episodes. However, that was not enough to satisfy the fans, who are still waiting for the show’s next episode to be broadcast.

Renewal Status for Daybreak Season 2

The first season of the show launched in October of this year, and Netflix stated in December that they will not be renewing the series. Because many fans had been looking forward to the continuation of Daybreak Season 2, this news was devastating to many.

daybreak season 2

However, there was no explanation given by the streaming giant as to why this show was cancelled. However, experts felt that it was most likely due to the series’ failure to attract a significant number of viewers.

The story of the show is intriguing, and it had the potential to become one of the most popular shows on television. However, I was never given the opportunity. Even the creators were dissatisfied with the decision made by the streaming behemoth. Following the cancellation of Daybreak’s second season, Aaron Coleite took to social media to share a brief message.

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According to the caption, he admitted that he didn’t know how to say it, but he had prepared a little message for all of the supporters. Check out this tweet, which is included below for our readers.

Daybreak Season 2: Release Date

Season 2 of Daybreak has definitely been cancelled by Netflix, but it is also true that fans have not given up faith in the show. They are still thinking about the second season of the show and wondering what would happen if the second season of Daybreak were to be released.

It’s possible that you’ll be thinking about it after seeing the first season because there are so many twists and turns. After successfully putting a stop to Principal Burr’s plans and subsequently launching the nuclear bomb into space, we assumed the story had come to a conclusion.

During the celebration of the triumph, Josh expressed his feelings for Sam once more. Sam, on the other hand, flatly refused him. In the end, Sam transformed into a villain, but the audience were unable to see Sam’s transformation because there is no season 2.

What is the Premise of the Show?

The protagonist of Daybreak is Josh Wheeler, a seventeen-year-old high school freshman. He is an outcast from his Canadian high school. Sam Dean, Wheeler’s missing British girlfriend, is on the run from authorities.

Daybreak Season 2

He continues his hunt in Glendale, California, which has been devastated by the apocalypse. Soon after, he is joined by a motley crew of misfits.

Daybreak Season 2 is currently under production.
This gang comprises Josh’s high school nemesis Wesley as well as Angelica, who is ten years old. Wesley has transformed, and he now considers himself a pacifist who is attempting to train as a samurai.

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In the following episode, Josh and his crew attempt to survive in the post-apocalyptic world among cheerleaders who transformed into Amazonian warriors, zombie-like creatures, and the evil Baron Triumph, among other things.

Will There be a Daybreak Season 2?

A large number of fans are hoping that Netflix will eventually change its decision not to renew their favourite post-apocalyptic comedy series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Netflix, on the other hand, has been shuttered for nearly two years now, almost to the day. It is now quite doubtful that the streaming behemoth will ever revive Daybreak for a second season.

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Any network would be the only way for this show to be revived, and they would be the only ones who would do so. However, at this point in time, it appears to be highly unlikely. As a result, it is possible that the second season of this dark comedy will never be released.