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Daughter From Another Mother Season 2: What Is It About?

Since the Mexican comedy left a lot of cliffhangers, hence a second season of the show is on the way. Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 (a.k.a. Madre Solo Hay Dos) is a Mexican Netflix original based on the switched-at-birth idea that’s grown uncomfortably recognizable in comedy punchlines and Freeform dramas. Instead, when the series created by Carolina Rivera’s (Jane the Virgin, Devious Maids) was launched in January 2021, it evolved out as a nice surprise. Following Ana (Ludwika Paleta), a drastically different professional lady, and Mariana (Paulina Goto), a free-spirited college student, the two learn four months after giving birth that they brought the other’s infant home and bring their families together to nurture under one roof.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

With its comedy, inflow of telenovela-inspired drama, and likable characters, it has all the makings of a remarkably watched show (including some pretty adorable babies). Fortunately, this Spanish-language series is soon to be renewed by Netflix, very soon after Season 1 aired. It makes us understand how popular the first season of the show was throughout the world and how the conclusion left viewers wanting more. We’re breaking down all we know about Daughter From Another Mother Season 2, given all of the cliffhangers.

When Will Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 Premiere?

It’s just in time for the holidays! Daughter From Another Mother Season 2′ premiered on Netflix on Friday, December 24, 2021. This was revealed for the very first time in a November 2021 announcement made by Netflix. The second season is made up of eight episodes that last between 34 and 44 minutes each. The first season of the show was launched on Netflix in January 2021, less than a year after the release of the first installment the second season came into existence. We are also sure that just like the first season, the second too will evolve as a nice family binge-watch show to spend the holidays.

Will There Be a Third Edition of the Program?

Here’s the thing with the third season of the program. There is currently no information about the series’ future. We, on the other hand, choose to be hopeful for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the show’s co-creators Fernando Sariana and Carolina Rivera gave us the popular romantic comedy ‘Jane the Virgin,’ which aired for five seasons. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that the pair understands what audiences want, and that the Mexican series has a bright future ahead of it.

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Furthermore, the second sophomore round, like the first, finishes with a number of unsolved questions. As a result, it’s only right that the designers provide a third edition that includes all of the answers that fans have been clamoring for. After only 11 months, the show returned for a second season, indicating that a potential season 3 could arrive after a year. With that in mind, we anticipate the third season of ‘Daughter From Another Mother’ to arrive in Q4 2022.

Is There a Trailer for Daughter From Another Mother Season 2?

Oh, sweetheart! Yes, there is! About a month before the premiere of Season 2 in November 2021, Netflix released a first peek. It begins by demonstrating how uneasy Ana’s household is now that Mariana doesn’t belong in her life anymore. According to the trailer, it seems like throughout the season the two will strive to repair their relationship over the course of the season while also dealing with parenting, job advancements, and some sassy new loves.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

Who in the Cast Are Likely to Return?

It appears like almost everyone who was there in the first season will be returning in the second season of the show. Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto, who play Ana and Mariana, respectively, are in charge of the performance, so you can expect them to return to their motherly roles. Rodrigo (Emilio Beltrán Ulrich) and Ceci (Dalexa Meneces), Ana’s son and daughter, are also assumed to return in their respective roles.

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Instead of the melodrama swirling around him, Ana’s husband Juan Carlos (Martin Altomaro) and Mariana’s mother, Teresa played by Liz Gallardo are also expected to return. Despite the fact that their relationship is somewhat shaky, Mariana’s daughter’s father, Pablo (Javier Ponce), will most certainly return, as will Cynthia (Elena del Ro) now that they’re dating. Elena, played by Oka Giner, appears to have some unspoken concerns about her connection with Mariana, so we may see more of her in the future.

We’ll undoubtedly see more of the show’s genuine stars, infants Regina and Valentina, who are played by spotlight snatchers Lena Morales and Melissa Salgado, respectively. We are most likely to see their sweet faces once more. It’s possible, though, that the program will locate fresh young actors that look like them, given how much they’ll have grown up by the time shooting restarts. However, it appears that they will want to keep these tiny stars around. (In any case, time leaps are rather typical in children’s entertainment.)

What Will the Second Season of Daughter From Another Mother Be About?

It’s difficult to think that there has ever been a christening as emotional as the one shown in Daughter From Another Mother Season 2. Several secrets were brought into the spotlight during the event, which eventually tore a few partnerships apart. Ana ultimately admitted that her husband Juan Carlos was already cheating on her with Mariana’s mother, Teresa, and she ejected Mariana from the house since she knew Mariana knew. 

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Now since Mariana is on her own, after failing to reinvigorate her partnership with Pablo and stay with him after learning that he’d moved on. The next season will probably follow her anywhere and everywhere she goes, as well as her attempts to retrieve her relationships with Ana and Valentina, whom she had to leave behind.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

Ana, on the other hand, will have to cope with either healing her wedding or, most likely, adapting to life as a single mother, as well as maybe reuniting back with Mariana and bringing her back into her life. Season 2 appears to be focusing on whatever the findings of her biopsy were, it’s definitely a cliffhanger that fans can’t get past. The story may take a darker turn, or it could make her want to focus even more on the present and the people in her life. Whatever happens, now that Mariana is more accepting of her gender and motherhood, there’s more to explore in terms of sexuality on the program.


On January 20th, 2021, the series was launched for the very first time. Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariana created the comedy series Daughter From Another Mother Season 2, which is set in Mexico. Within the first 28 days of its release, the series was seen by 23 million homes.

We gave the series a “STREAM IT” rating saying that the program grounds a premise that would typically sound ridiculous, making it seem reasonable that two women with opposing beliefs and lifestyles will come together when their infants are exchanged by mistake. In addition, the program may be rather amusing at times. 

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