Top 5 Data Science Companies In Ukraine


David Mudd

Any modern business needs the services of a professional IT team. Only the directions differ. You may need online promotion, business process automation, or artificial intelligence to improve your planning strategy. In all these cases, you need to contact a reliable data science company. The future of the project depends on the correct choice. The right team for you should help you determine the direction, optimize the work and save the budget. All this is possible if you choose among the best representatives in the service market.

How to Find the Right Development Team?

There are many nuances in working with big data. It is important to correctly determine the leading direction. Together with the team, you must decide which is more important:

• Collect a lot of data and instantly process them;

• Quickly extract and sort the received data, even received a year ago and earlier;

• Quickly analyze current data and build a strategy for future work.

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Considering the complexity of the development and its cost, it is worth paying attention to the teams working on outsourcing. In Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, there are several very professional teams. A convenient time zone and country legislation allow you to productively cooperate with customers from Western Europe and the USA.


The community is based in Kyiv. Among the main activities are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Computer Vision, Human Language Recognition. The company’s specialists not only participate in international exhibitions and seminars, but also organize their own events with the participation of colleagues from all over the world.

2. Lohika

The company has offices in three cities in Ukraine and the USA. The main focus is the convergence of big data and cloud computing. The team helps accelerate SaaS processes for big data.

3. Intellias

The company has opened several offices in different cities of Ukraine and Berlin. The main developments are applications and programs that use artificial intelligence to help people learn. The software recognizes multiple human languages, analyzes student behavior and makes recommendations.

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4. Sigma Software

The company’s office is located in Kharkiv. The team puts a lot of emphasis on Java and Scala development. Unique SaaS solutions allow you to process a huge number of HTTP requests per second.

5. Ciklum

The team is based in Ukraine and mainly deals with DevOps. Experts set up the collection, grouping and analysis of big data. Based on the received reports, the team helps to build business forecasts.