Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date and Many More To Know!


David Mudd

What do you do when you are free? Do you like to watch animated series or play video games? If yes, then are you enjoying your life while watching anime characters as most of the people love to watch and read anime or manga series.

For relaxation you also play video games. If both are available in one mixture then it is a good way to spend your time by catching these types of anime series like Darwin’s Game. In this article I will discuss the season 2 of Darwin’s Game whose first season came out in 2020 and now all are waiting to catch its new episodes or season 2 of it.

In this drama the main character received the message to play games and the rule of this game is to kill people to move further or to survive.

If the video game only exist in videos then it is ok but in this Netflix anime series if the character dies in video game then that character dies actually in real life and it is too dangerous to play so he wants to end the game by playing it and not allowing his nearby to enter this game.

Darwin’s Game Season 2

However people love to watch this kind of anime series or game and the anime is adapted from the manga named Darwin Game which came on 2012 by FLIPFLOPs and now it’s time to turn upon its season 2 as it first season already came to end in 2020 leaving fans to know what happened in new season by leaving audience on cliffhanger.

Is Darwin Game Season 2: Renewed?

At this moment it was not confirmed whether season 2 is announced or confirmed from the side of Studio Nexus. As Nothing came out of its renewal or its cancellation.

So no news came out for season 2 by Netflix or from the Studio Nexus after delivery of its popular first season of it.

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Darwin’s Game Plot

If you want to know about this video game anime then this character has to join the game and once they enter the game they are given a kind of reward or “Sigil” which protects the character by giving them some superpowers to fight against an opponent and make their journey toward the end or the victory.

The main goal of this game is to kill other players by hook or crook or making the opponent surrender. The easiest thing in this is to murder to obstacle instead of surrending.

But when Kaname Sudou came to know how the game became worse he wanted to change the way of this game by not killing more by doing a positive change and wanted to end this Death Game and not allow others to enter the game.

Darwin’s Game Season 2

He also came up by winning against the rival group Eighth by killing their leader and solving the mystery to know who is behind this D-game so he can put an end to this death or life taking game.

After defeating the leader of Eighth group he is one step forward in banning the people from entering this deadly game of his city with the help of Sunset Ravens.

Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date

There is no release or window date for this drama for season 2 as the show is yet to be announced. So nothing official news is there for season 2 and we will update this section if any news comes out for the new season of Darwin’s Game.

If you want to watch this series then stream it on Netflix and on Funimation.

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Is There Any Trailer for Darwin’ Game Season 2?

At the time of writing this article, there is no trailer for season 2 but you can enjoy its season 1 which is given below-


Darwin’s Game is a good animated series which earned 7.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDb, while 4.7 on Crunchyroll out of 5 and now fans are waiting to watch its new season 2 whose official information has not come out.

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