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Dark Tourist Season 2: Will It Come Up With a New Season?

Dark Tourist is a documentary series which is regarding dark tourism in New Zealand. This documentary is presented by Journalist David Farrier.

This series had been released by Netflix. This series contains a total of eight episodes in it. Each episode of the series has timing around 43 to 45 minutes. The first season of Dark Tourist was aired on Netflix on 20th July 2018.

The series is produced by Carthew Neal, Mark McNeil and David Farrier. The production company of this series is Razor Films.

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This series is worth watching for travel lovers. It helps to explore some experiences by the journalist. The series is all about dark tourism so it ultimately attracts history freaks.

Dark tourist

The series is most watched and preferred because of some comedy scenes and a variety of aspects and phenomena.

Since the release of the first season of Dark Tourist, fans are eagerly waiting for its season second. So we are here with all news regarding the Dark Tourist Season 2.  So read out our article and enjoy the information regarding the new season of Dark tourists.

What Will Be the Release Date of Dark Tourist Season 2?

It’s almost four years gone and we haven’t received any official news regarding the release of dark Tourist season 2. Unfortunately, it is not a good sign for any kind of series.

At this stage, there may be a possibility that the publishers have dropped the idea of releasing the second season for the series. If this is the reason then it would be bad news for the fans of dark tourists.

Dark Tourist

But again there is no such news regarding dark tourists. So we are not a hundred per cent sure about the dropping of this season second.

Even though having an ample amount of audience and a good story, this is not good to drop the idea of releasing season 2.

Probably, we might get some official announcement regarding Dark Tourist season 2 in future. We will provide you all the information regarding the release of this amazing traveler series.

Dark Tourist

Check out what is all about Dark tourist means in following trailer.

What Will Be the Story of Dark Tourist Season 2?

Many people in the world love to travel to beaches, mountains and some glamorous places etc. But there are few people for whom travelling is meant to explore the places where some historic incidents had occurred.

One of such people is David Farrier who loves to explore such historic places and likes to know the root cause of such places. In the first season, David explored many places and these places are shown in each episode one by one.

Dark Tourist

If the season second will come then the pattern for the series will be the same as per our aspect of view.

What Will Be the Cast of Dark Tourist Season 2?

No wonder, how great the plot of any series or movie but the cast and crew are the ones who do their work with all their heart and soul. They are the one who seriously does the work which is appointed to them.

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According to the previous season, the cast of the second season might be the same with a few new characters. If there is some surprising change then we will surely inform you.

Where Should You Watch Dark Tourist Season 2?

Dark Tourist is the original season of Netflix. So basically is available to watch only on Netflix. It is also available on Amazon but you need to purchase it at cost of 3.99 dollars rent and if you want to buy it completely then you need to pay 12.99 dollars.

Let’s Get to Know About the Trailer of Dark Tourist Season 2?

Sadly, we don’t have any news regarding the trailer of Dark Tourist season 2 as there is no official announcement for the series as of now.

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Frequently Ask Questions?

Is Dark Tourist a Real Documentary?

Dark tourism is to travel to places which are linked with death and disaster. Dark tourism has gained huge interest since Netflix released the series Dark Tourist. The concept of Dark tourism is well known for years but it has taken popularity recently.

To Whom David Farrier Married ?

The farrier came out as bisexual during the government sitting of the New Zealand marriage equality bill of 2012 and identified his relationship with Grayson Coutts.

What is the Meaning of Dark Tourism?

The term Dark tourism refers to exploring places where several dark events of human history had been discovered. These events include assassination, genocide, war of disaster, museum etc.


From this article we have got to know that, there is bad luck for Dark Tourist fans as the second season of the series is not going to release soon. We would like to share news regarding Dark Tourist season 2 as soon as we get any such news.

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