Exclusive Dark Season 4 Is Coming Your Way!


David Mudd

If you are one of those who completed watching all three seasons of Dark and loved the series just like us, then this is the right place for you because we have got you all the latest information about Dark Season 4. Yes, you are right, the Netflix original is back with a brand new season of your favorite series, Dark. Keep an eye in this article and you will be excited to learn about all the details of Dark Season 4 that we have to offer.

Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the first season of the original German(with English subtitles) series premiered on 1st December, 2017, being Netflix first ever German-language series. The second season of Dark was released on 21st June, 2019, followed by the third season on 27th June, 2020. Also to put up with that, it is one of the most viewed German series on Netflix. So you can very well guess its popularity. And now we are eager to watch the season finale, Dark Season 4, aren’t you?

Before we move further with Dark Season 4, let us do a quick recap of all three previous seasons, so even if you are new to this, you will not lose any progress. Emphasizing the genre of Science-Fiction thriller, Dark is set in the fictional world of Winden where the characters are on a journey to pursue the truth of the disappearance of a child, because the town suddenly finds children absent without any explanation.

They follow the connections of four families to unveil the mystery of the child that spans across three generations. Now this adds a lot of scary suspense to the series, isn’t it? The series also reflects the importance of time through fractured human relationships and dark pasts, eventually intriguing the mind-bending tragedy of the four families.

What Is the Release Date for Dark Season 4?

Well, there has been a lot of talk about Dark Season 4, whether it is coming or not? Whether season 3 is the finale? If Season 4 is cancelled? And many more!

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But there is nothing to worry now, because finally we have news that puts an end to all the rumours. Yes season 4 has received its release date to be on the 25th of June, 2022 and will be aired on Netflix throughout the globe.

After the remarkable success of all three seasons, we know that you have high hopes that Season 4 will come with a spine-chilling bang. And to ensure that the creators are paving their way not to disappoint you. After all its a matter of the love and support that you shower upon the series which they highly welcome and can never say no to.

Is the Trailer Out for Dark Season 4?

The official trailer for Dark Season 4 is not out yet and also there is no news from the makers. But we can expect a trailer soon. Till then you can have a look at the Season 3 trailer to determine the craze that this series brings in and can imagine the thrills in season 4.

Who Is on the Sets of Dark Season 4?

Dark Season 4 will be back with the star cast of the previous seasons because by now they have mastered the roles so profoundly that nobody else could take their place.

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What are your views on this? Also their extreme dedication to the characterization has brought them many acclaims with a tremendous rise in the fan following that they cannot refuse to be a part of Season 4. Here’s a list of the cast for you:

  • Louis Hofmann stars as Younger Jonas.
  • Andreas Pietschmann stars as Older Jonas.
  • Karoline Eichhorn stars as Charlotte Doppler.
  • Stephan Kampwirth stars as Peter Doppler.
  • Maja Schone stars as Hannah Kahnwald.
  • Daan Lennard Liebrenz stars as Mikkel Nielsen.
  • Oliver Masucci stars as Ulrich Nielson.
  • Jordis Triebel stars as Katharina Nielsen.
  • Lisa Vicari stars as Martha Nielson.
  • Moritz Jahn stars as Magnus Nielson.
  • Denis Schmidt stars as Sebastian Kruger.
  • Paul Lux stars as Bartosz Tiedemann.
  • Tamar Pelzing stars as Doris.

What Are the Reviews for the Previous Seasons of Dark?

Directed by Baran bo Odar, Dark received an IMDb rating of 8.8 out of a total of 10. The eye-catching storyline is the main reason behind the immense success which ensures that each and every episode of the series is worth watching.

Blown Away Season 3 Happening Or Not?

This German series also received a lot of critical appreciation for its tone, casting, visuals and of course for the intricate narrative it offers. Let us take a Season-wise look at the Rotten Tomatoes votes:

  • 89% votes for Season 1.
  • 100% votes for Season 2.
  • 97% votes for Season 3.

Some critics reviewed Dark as more ‘in-depth’ when compared to ‘Stranger Things’ , and add to Sci-Fi noir because of the cerebral and ominous central mystery it portrays. On the other hand, there is some criticism that says Dark lacks originality in certain aspects and that the message is heavy.

Also let us know your views on the previous seasons of Dark in the comments section below.

What Is the Plot of Dark Season 4?

With a lot of twists and turns, Dark Season 4 is going to be more thrilling. Where in the three seasons it explored the time paradoxes bordering the four families, the upcoming season will focus on the consequences that they undergo.

But the makers can do anything surprising because even if a problem ends in their world, the characters cannot overlook the problems in the parallel world. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

No one likes the fact of disappearing children, but they can’t keep their doors locked for an indefinite time period. It might also happen that the children just ran away from their houses because they were tired of the rules of the town and exemplary parents. Isn’t it interesting?

Hence, as the series opened doors for time travel and Sci-Fi, it simultaneously opened doors for a number of variations and parallel realities which brings in another aspect of the plotline.

That’s all for now folks. But before we put a pause, we would love to hear from you! Do write your views and opinions in the comment section below.