Dark Matter Season 4 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?


David Mudd

Dark Matter Season 4 is on the way! The program has been on hiatus since 2017, but it’s almost time for it to return. Dark Matter Season 4 is all set to air in 2022, and we’re excited to see what comes next. We’re so thrilled about this new season that we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about it before it airs.

Dark Matter Season 4

Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction television drama that aired from 2015 to 2017. It was canceled after its third and final season. It’s been nearly four years since the heartbreaking news that Dark Matter Season 4 will not be made available.

All About the Drama

The eponymous comic book by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie with the same title. It has been converted into a Canadian television series called Dark Matter. Mallozzi and Mullie, screenwriters and interpreters, created NCIS. They were also the creators of the program. Prodigy Pictures in Toronto developed the show for Space, a Canadian television network. In August of last year, SyFy revealed its backing for the project, ordering thirteen episodes for the first season, which premiered on July 12, 2015, on both Spaces and Syfy.

Dark Matter Season 4

On July 1, 2016, the first season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ended with the birth of Alice’s daughter, which was televised on television. While the series was still airing, the second season of Dark Matter was renewed in September 2016 for another thirteen-episode run. On June 9, 2017, the third season premiered. The show was canceled on September 1, 2017, a little more than a month after the third season’s last episode aired.

Reasons for Cancellation of the Drama

It’s been over three years since Dark Matter Season 3 came to a close. After all this time, people are still discussing why Dark Matter Season 4 will not be shown. The show was supposed to have been terminated due to low viewership, but after some investigation, further rumors surfaced about the network’s true reason for the unexpected termination. Dark Matter’s third season was favorably reviewed by critics and drew a decent amount of viewers, but less than the previous season. Throughout the transmission of the last episode, the show’s rating stayed stable.

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Many theories about the show’s finale were presented, but Mallozzi, the show’s co-creator, tried to provide a different perspective. According to the terms of service, neither SyFy (the network) nor NBC Universal (the parent company) owns the rights to Dark Matter, which means they will lose money if the show is sold to overseas consumers or streamed on streaming sites. Prodigy Pictures, which created the show, has purchased all of the distribution rights. However, we may reasonably assume that the television series has been terminated owing to economic reasons, not because of its steadily dropping ratings.

Dark Matter Season 4 Cast and Characters

If Dark Matter is renewed, no details regarding the cast or characters who will feature in Dark Matter Season 4 have been released. Because the majority of the original cast has gone on to new projects and shows, Dark Matter Season 4 is likely to be devoid of familiar faces. In the meanwhile, despite of that, we may look back at the cast from earlier seasons of the show, which included-

Brandon Hebert portrays One/Jace Corso/Derrick Moss. Melissa O’Neil as Two/Rebecca Lin and Portia Lin Melissa O’Neil as Two/Rebecca Lin and Portia Lin. There are two performers in the Inhumans voice cast that have previously appeared in other programs. I’m talking about Black Lightning’s Lemke and Boone. Actor J. Michael Tender portrays both Ryo Tetsuda and Ryo Ishida. Five/Das/Emily Kolburn is played by Jodelle Ferland. Richard Cross portrays Lieutenant Kal Varrick. Zoie Palmer plays Android/Suki, the ship’s artificial intelligence. Shaun Sipos portrays Devon Taltherd and Melanie Liburd portrays Nyx Harper.

The Plot and Storyline of Season 4

Dark Matter is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in the 27th century that follows the story of six people who wake up on a derelict starship with no recollection of their previous lives. They don’t know why the spaceship is there.

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Regardless, the group joins forces to discover what’s going on despite their doubts. They’re accompanied by a female android who guides and aids them on their journey. They’re transported to a distant planet with nothing but a war-torn cargo hold full of weaponry and a secret destination that will soon turn into a battleground.

On the opposite side, the six crew members have no idea who they are. They must make a life-or-death decision without knowing who the other side is. Whether they should continue to their previous habits or break them.

The Ensemble

The Canadian television show had a large cast of excellent performers portraying a diverse range of roles. The Android, Two, and Three, portrayed by Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, and Anthony Lemke, respectively, were some of the important characters. Every season of the show has all of the actors reprising their roles.

Dark Matter Season 4

Dark Matter was a television series that aired from 2015 to 2017 and starred Marc Bendavid as One, Alex Mallari Junior as Four, and Jodelle Ferland as Five. Melanie Liburd, who played Nyx Harper, made a guest appearance in seasons two and three.

When Should We Expect It? The Publication

Syfy broadcasted a television adaptation of Dark Matter. It was conceived as a graphic novel by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. It was originally intended to stay a graphic novel. Still, after realizing that adoption would boost the series’ popularity, the authors agreed and took the risk of putting it on every household’s television screen.

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The publication of Dark Matter Season 4 is mostly dependent on when the writers come up with the next chapter of the narrative in the form of a graphic book, as the series is fully based on the graphic novel of the same name. Until then, the show has been canceled. Syfy has verified this as well. The channel gave no justification for the cancellation. Fans are still baffled as to why the show was terminated, although it had one of the highest ratings on the internet.

Dark Matter Season 4: Here’s What You Should Know

Season three concluded on a cliffhanger. The wormhole appeared to be posing a new hazard to the soldiers. The new danger meant the invasion of their goal; therefore, their existence was a big question mark. The fourth season can begin up where the third left off, with them still fighting for life.

To Sum It Up

The series still has a lot of adventure left in it. It’s unclear whether it’ll return for Dark Matter Season 4, but keeping an eye out for it may be worthwhile.