Dark Matter Season 4: Everything We Know About the Cancellation of This Sci-fi?


Aditi Deshinge

Well, planning for another season that is  Dark Matter Season 4 is quite challenging for the writers. Also, the number of episodes of the show has increased so fans of the series became uninterested. It’s always a huge task for writers to engage the audience in the story of the show.

And so if anything goes wrong, makers need to take the decision to cancel the show for reducing further losses. Unfortunately, this same thing has happened with Dark Matter Season 4.

dark matter season 4

This is Canadian series which began to attract the attention of the audience when it was released on the famous TV channel SYFY. So people if you really have a huge interest in this science fiction series then you are at the right place to get to know more about Dark Matter Season 4.

Here we are going to discuss the cancellation of the show, so get ready to know more and read out the entire article below.

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What is the Plotline of Dark Matter Season 4?

This is a television sci-fi series by Sy-Fy and space channel. This series debuted in June 2015 and it is based on a comic that was made by the creators of Stargate All 3 seasons and it streaming now.

Dark Matter focuses on the exploration of space and life related to this like characters finding out themselves with special abilities. Also, the show has plenty of famous actors including Marc Bendavid and Melissa O’Neil.

The first season of Dark Matter consists of a total of 39 episodes in it and the second season debuted in June 2015 after the first season. The third season of the series was renewed and it is streaming now.

Bingo! Now the story is somewhat confusing and the third number of the episode introduces a new member who appears to be from the future.

dark matter season 4

The plotline follows a group of six people who are not known for their past information. Once they wake up they give themselves names from 1 to 6.

The story becomes interesting and surprising when you move forward with the new episodes.

What Will Be the Cast of Dark Matter Season 4 Casts?

As we previously said, Dark Matter follows the story of six people who lost their memory in the first season of the show. We have seen changes in them over the period. We are expecting to see more Ups and downs in the third season of Dark Matter.

The lead character of the show is Marc Bendavid, but his character seems in so many storylines throughout the series.

In the second season, he again takes entries which become quite confusing to people who are watching the second season directly. If you guys haven’t watched this series yet then we would like to suggest that, you should watch the first 5 episodes of the first season.

dark matter season 4

Despite having a few drawbacks, you will enjoy this sci-fi series.

Moreover, the show follows other characters as well, which we have listed below. So if you wish to know the characters then please refer to the list below –

List Of Cast and Characters –

  • Marc Bendavidas One / Jace Corso / Derrick Moss (season 1; recurring, season 2)
  • Melissa O’Neilas Two / Portia Lin / Rebecca, the de facto captain of the Raza and leader of the crew both before and after the mindwipe
  • Anthony Lemkeas Three / Marcus Boone / Titch
  • Alex Mallari Jr.as Four / Ryo Tetsudo / Ishida Ryo, the exiled heir to the throne of the Principality of Zairon
  • Jodelle Ferlandas Five / Das / Emily Kilburn, the youngest member of the crew and the only one not wanted for capital crimes
  • Roger Crossas Six / Griffin Jones / Lt. Kal Varrick
  • Zoie Palmeras The Android / Suki. Palmer also plays the Android’s creator, Dr Irena Shaw, in the third season.
  • Shaun Siposas Devon Taltherd (season 2), a disgraced doctor and new crewmember in the second season
  • Melanie Liburdas Nyx Harper (season 2; guest, season 3), a new crewmember in the second season on the run from the rest of her people, the Seers

Is There an Official Trailer for Dark Matter Season 4?

Unfortunately, the official trailer for the fourth season of Dark matter is not released yet. This is because the show is nowhere to release in its fourth season. Well, now people can watch the trailer for 1st season which I have linked below the video.

Feel absolutely free to watch this video.

Why Dark Matter Season 4 Does Has Been Cancelled?

Dark Matter season 4 has been cancelled because of low ratings as well as decreasing interest of people in the show.

In addition to this actor’s contract for the show has expired with a third of the show. So ultimately they are no longer able to continue with the Dark Matter.

Despite all this, there are also other rumours regarding the show which is that the other networks want to take over the series. But all these are just speculations and we don’t have any proper idea regarding its time of renewal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Ratings of Dark Matter?

Dark Matter show has gained 7.5 out of 10 ratings on IMDb. And it is considered as average ratings as per critics.

Though, the series was a hit with viewers’ earnings ratings with 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google.

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The famous Canadian sci-fi shows Dark Matter is not planning to release its fourth season. Although there are some rumours that the show is going to air on different streaming platforms. But we don’t have any proof regarding this news.

As of now, the show was cancelled on its original streaming platform. If there are any plans for the renewal of the show for season 4 we will surely update you. Till then stay connected with us and read out our all articles.