Top 10 Best Dark Fantasy Anime Series, According to IMDb Ratings



Dark Fantasy is by far one of the popular anime genres that have been working in the popularity of the anime. The genre has already shown its power over the years and it has been seen that any series that follows this genre has received utter success in the world. 

Dark Fantasy anime is more eye-opening the creators try to manipulate the storyline with all the adventure and superficial things. It explores the world where things are not how they are them to be. The genre has been mixed with other extraordinary things ranging from the magical world to the superficial things and it’s been seen that anytime a good anime has these things, it becomes more amazing.

If you are also someone who has heard about the superiority of these anime series then in this article, we’ll be going to discuss some of the amazing Dark Fantasy anime series. It’s a perfect genre that will allow you to find some of the unexceptional things and make you hooked up with the storyline. 

It’s hard to select a good dark fantasy anime series since the Japanese anime world is filled with a huge number of such shows, However, we are here to update you with the Top 10 dark Fantasy anime series that will make you fall in love with itself.

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10. God Eater

Humanity was already in danger after the world saw the hazardous effect of the man-devouring creatures popularly known as Aragami, God Eater was released in 2016 and became an instant hit. While the creators were not interested in releasing more than one season of the anime show, it was still worth checking out, Anyone who wished to watch some good dark fantasy anime series, taking the time in mind, God Eater would be one of the perfect shows that feature the endanger of the humans in the world that is already captured by the monsters. 

The anime series is based on the apocalyptic world and taking this as one of the reasons for its popularity, the show makers find it super easy to get around the people, Inspired by the manga series that shares the same name, God Eater has emerged one of the short dark fantasy anime series that has the determination to make a change. 

The storyline of the series is mind-blowing and gets better as you move forward. Although the series can do much better when it comes to the CGI effect, overall the show gets the attention for its realistic animation. There were so many changes that the fans of the name wished it to do, however, it failed to up the expectation of the audience. The viewers are still waiting for the anime to get another season and release more amazing episodes for them. 

Since it is inspired by the manga series,  the anime still lacks a lot of episodes and marks the cliffhanger that leads the people to wait for another season. The major reason why the series lacks another season is how the episodes were tragically taking longer than usual to get on the screen. 

9. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke has been working in the favor of Studio Ghibli for a long time, The anime series is one of the popular hits for the audio and it won’t be worn to say that the anime has been gaining worldwide support audience. Being a movie, it gets more popular since the anime series often takes too long to watch., Anime series are time time-consuming ever, movies like these are the showstopper and people enjoyed watching them. 

Dark Fantasy anime series fans can’t miss watching this movie. The storytelling is emotional and sensitive and fans grow as the movie grows to explain what exactly happens. It gives a brief history of the city that we see on the anime shows and unlike the anime, it has more amazing scenes that bind the audience through itself.

San and Lady Eboshi are the main protagonists of the show. These characters are emotional and have a weaker emotional side. However, as the movie grows, it brings more diversity to the story. The characters are the clever highlight of the movie since the viewers get attached to their emotions and description, and it manages to become more comfortable for the people. 

Princess Mononoke is an emotional movie but it constructs its version and portrays the horrific and action side for the viewers. The show has overall performed well and anyone who wants to try something different can approach this movie for sure.

8. Mob Psycho 100

Taken from one of the famous writer’s works, Mob Psycho 100 has been one of the most remarkable anime series that has ever been released. Written by ONE, who is already known for its super amazing anime series, Mob Psycho 100 has already managed to get the attention for its storyline, character development, twists, and turns. 

Anyone who wants some good anime series with an interesting storyline can go to this show. When it comes to its animation, Mob Psycho 100 gets amazing responses. The Audience appreciates the drama for how it blends the characters and makes a remarkable plot. 

The lifelike depictions of the action and horror scenes are a must to watch for the viewers. The show revolves around a teenage boy who decides to make some efforts to get some powerful abilities. Shigeo Kageyama knows his superpowers but, he has to lose many things. Being powerful doesn’t mean the great emotions that come to the person but it rather approaches the memes towards you. Unaffected by this, Mob psycho 100 leaves the great turns with its story. 

It gets better as we move forward with the show. We find that Shigeo Kageyama, the main protagonist of the show, is handling his superpowers with efficiency and now he has been guided by the master, who is teaching him to balance his powers and emotions. 

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7. The Promised Neverland 

The Promised Neverland promises the best animation and visuals for the fans and leads to the proper screenwriting that excites the audience throughout the show. The anime series balance the storyline which is the major highlight of the show. Along with this, the show tries its best to maintain a strategic storyline that leads to the proper conclusion. 

Many people may argue the fruitful result of the show and it may seem that the show won’t fit in the Dark fantasy but anyone who loves to explore the possibility of thrillers and suspense may find the anime super fascinating.

Centers around three children who learn about the dark sides of their life which ultimately leads them to explore the fantasy world that is filled up with dark and untold truth. 

Emma and her two friends, Norman and Ray, find out different things that lead to some difficulty and some unexpected journey that is filled with multiple problems. 

The Promise Netherland gets a lot of appreciation for its amazing storyline that drives the audience throughout the end of the show. 

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6. Berserk

If you want to see some live-action dark fantasy anime series then you must check Berserk. The anime series is known for its amazing stories that make the audience hooked up with the screen. However, one of the major reasons why the viewers are so engaged with their seasons is how they are more demanding and long. 

Released in 1997, Berserk is one of the highly anticipated anime series that has been named among the longest-running shows of all time. The anime series has been amazingly adapted by its manga and the show remarks on the amazing story of the character. It adapts the story and performs the live-action drama super amazingly. 

While many people will disagree with its animation style, since it is a critical anime series that premiered two decades ago, I can see how the show managed to get great results from the audience. Berserk is a typical classical anime series and after viewing, the viewers will get an insight into what the early anime shows looked like. 

5. Goblin Slayer

Released in 2018, Goblin Slayer diverts the story of a goblin Hunter who tries to make the world a better living place. Goblin has already taken over the world by slathering and killing innocent human beings. 

It’s unlike those anime where the main character has enormous power, rather Goblin slayer feature the boy who knows that he is taking the road which is filled with a lot of difficulties, Still, his emotions and determination lead him to the place where he started to find the goblin to take the revenge. 

Goblin Slayer is an amazing series that features great character development and an amazing screenplay. The forest season of the anime series is amazing however, the officials have not yet updated anything regarding the second season. While there have been enormous questions about the second installment, there is a sign that the creators might be working on the production of the show. 

The anime gives a life-like reality to its animation and brings back the amazing side of the series. Though the showrunners have already had huge expectations for the show, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and found it more fascinating. 

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4. Fullmetal Alchemist 

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most considerable anime series of all time Though, the audience finds it difficult to settle with its spin-off and sequel, the series still marks the greatness of the science and its exploration of the dark world. 

Inspired by the unfinished manga series, the studio has done an amazing job in overcoming the negativity of the series and managing to bring a perfect ending to the show’s future. It’s been such a long time since the anime was released and there have been thousands of people. 

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” is a critically acclaimed anime series that ran around the people who were so obsessed with alchemy. The people practiced the magic of alchemy and it is the major plot of the show, however, there are certain rules and regulations that the field follows and one of them is about the dead. Anyone who has practiced alchemy can’t have the powers to bring the dead to life. It is a big no for the people however,  Edward and Alphonse Elric decided to do so. Of Course, there are reasons for everything as they do this it brings major problems for their life. 

To bring back their mom, the brothers get major losses themselves. In the show, we later find out how these two try to make certain changes in their lives and how they explore the philosopher’s stone that will be responsible for making things right. 

3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Studio Ghibli has done amazing work in the production of the animated series. Demon Slayer. Premiering on Netflix, the show became a huge success and gained worldwide recognition. As we already know that Netflix has been working on making more anime series and Demon Slayer is one of their true remarks. 

It is a perfect clinical anime movie that features the dark side of the world. Demon Slayer is one of the most highly intense anime series that features amazing action and super remarkable characters. While there is already a whole series based on this, the movie takes major highlights as it opens the world of possibility for the character to view. 

The story follows   Tanjiro Kamado, a farm boy who decides to join the Demon Slayer Corps after his family is slaughtered by a demon. Tanjiro Kamado is the main earner of the family. After he returns to the neighborhood, he finds out that his village is already ruined by the monster. Everyone from the village died except his sister, Nezuko Kamado. However, in the process of the fight, she already turned into a demon but still, her humanity is prioritized in the show. Tanjore refused to leave her sister and he started the journey to get rid of these demons. 

The series grew horrifically and the creators tried to balance the plotline and the action amazingly. Built in the modern-day, the show’s animation won’t disappoint you for sure. 

2. Death Note

What happens when an intelligent boy finds out the world’s scariest book? Well after spending centuries in the same place managing the death of the people, Ryuk gets bored with his shinigami life and drops his powerful death note on the Earth. Eventually, Light Yamai, a brilliant student, finds out about the book and gets involved in all the dangerous activities that cause major death the people. 

The anime gets better as you move forward with the episode. It can be easily said that the popularity of Death note is worth mentioning. The show was amongst the most popular shows of all time and it still managed to get the attention of the worldwide audience. The storyline is tricky and anyone who shares an interest in unpredictable things can head to watch the anime. The powerful dialogue and the expression of the characters just add more intensity to the show. 

1. Jujitsu Kaisen

Jujitsu Kaisen

So far, we have only heard about the old classic series that has played a big impact on the dark fantasy world but what about the latest shows? Well, if you think that the popularity of the name is only valid till the classic old times then you are wrong. Jujitsu Kaisen is a recently released Dark fantasy anime series that features the story of a group of friends that are already up in the adventure world. 

Released in 2019, the anime series is an instant success for its powerful characters, details, and amazing plot. Even more, the show is a perfect mixture of action, drama, and hilarious comedy and that’s the reason why people are already making a lot of fuss about the show. In 2019, the anime series will take the first step in the world and become instantly famous. 

Jujitsu Kaisen is incredibly amazing with all those horrific and action scenes. Isadora is the main protagonist in the anime series and the show majorly focuses on him and his friends. To save his friends, Isadora eats a cruise which later became a threat to him. To get rid of those cruises, he, along with his friends, starts the journey. 

The show gets better as we move forward with the show. The action schemes are worth watching as it gets more fascinating with the anime series. Since the anime series focuses on modern visuals, it brings the animation more incredibly. The characters are a major highlight since they are the attraction of the show.