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Danny Elfman Previews Halloween Weekend Concerts at Hollywood Bowl: ‘This Is a Rock Show… Leave Your Kids at Home’

Danny Elfman is known for his unique lyrics and songs in his days but that doesn’t signify how works at all. The artist has worked on many songs which are definitely worth watching. Though in his time, he was known as one of the popular artists, and his songs are still loved by many people. 

As Halloween is coming on the way and there are many things happening around the world, the artist surely has many things to tell their fans and one of them is regarding their kids.

For his latest performance, Danny released a statement that says that he doesn’t want people to bring their kids to his concert. The artist updates his schedule and has announced his performance on October 28 and 28 in Los Angeles. 

He said, “I just keep saying over and over, leave your kids home. This is not a kids’ show and this isn’t a family show,” Elfman clarified. “This isn’t The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Coachella show had a bit of Nightmare Before Christmas because that’s part of my own past, and I’m embracing that. But I’m embracing it as just one element in a much bigger context, of which many of the songs and images are not family-friendly, as much of my world isn’t. You know, I’ve got the family side of my world and the not-family side of my world. So I keep begging people that are thinking, ‘Oh, I wanna bring the kids down to the Bowl,’ I say, ‘No, no. Wait till next year.’”

Elfman also said in an interview that his Bowl performance will be inspired by the Coachella festival.

“It’s almost doubled” from the festival set, he says. “It’s the same intent of the Coachella show, which is a really insane mix of elements that have no business being on the same stage in the same concert at the same time… We’re in the middle of learning all the new stuff,” he added, a couple of weeks from D-day in the ravine. “The guys are saying ‘It’s almost like we’re learning a new show.’ Pulling this together is a lot of work, but fortunately, I’ve just got this great group of musicians with me that are totally game and up for it, and the visuals are all coming in. I think it’s gonna be every bit as insane and crazy and nonsensical in its very intent as Coachella was, but just a lot more of it.”

His fans are already excited to see his performance after a while. Though the artist has stopped performing for a while and which creates a huge disappointment amongst the fans who miss his tour. As Danny is finally coming back, fans are hoping that he will perform more often.

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