Danny DeVito Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth of Danny DeVito in 2022?


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Danny DeVito Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth of Danny DeVito in 2022?

Danny DeVito Net Worth

Danny DeVito is an American actor, comedian, film director, and producer who has a net worth of $80 million. He has won several awards for his work in the entertainment industry.

His performance as the cab dispatcher Louie De Palma on the television series “Taxi,” for which he was awarded both a Golden Globe and an Emmy, was the reason he first came to the public’s attention.

He went on to have a successful career in the film industry, being famous for his parts in movies such as “Throw Momma from the Train,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Terms of Endearment,” “Romancing the Stone,” “Twins,” “Batman Returns,” “Get Shorty,” and “L.A. Confidential.” In addition, he has a starring role in the comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which airs on FX.

Danny DeVito Early Life

Danny DeVito Net Worth

On November 17, 1944, Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. was born in the community of Neptune Township in the state of New Jersey.

His small height is due to multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, often known as Fairbank’s disease, which is a rare genetic illness that inhibits bone development. This disease is the cause of Fairbank’s disease (he is 4 feet, 10 inches tall). He is the younger brother of two elder sisters and spent his childhood in Asbury Park, New Jersey. DeVito was brought up in the Catholic faith and hails from Italian ancestry.

Danny DeVito Career Beginnings

He received his education in a boarding school and in 1962 he received his diploma from Oratory Preparatory School in Summit, New Jersey. When he was a senior in high school, he made his acting debut in the school plays of “St. Francis of Assisi” and “the Billion Dollar Saint.”

He continued performing throughout the rest of his life. After completing his high school education, he started working at his sister’s salon, which he believed would provide him with a wonderful opportunity to meet women. After serving in that capacity for eighteen months, he made the decision to go into the more financially rewarding field of cosmetics.

As a result, he submitted an application to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and one of the requirements of the application was for him to deliver a monologue. As a direct result of the encouraging comments he received regarding his monologue, he soon shifted his focus to studying acting at the academy, and he ultimately obtained his diploma in the year 1966.

In the beginning of DeVito’s career as an actor, he was a member of the Colonnades Theater Lab, which was housed in the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut. In addition, he was a performer in plays that were created by the Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective.

Danny DeVito Acting Career

After a successful career in the theatre, Danny DeVito moved on to a career in cinema with the release of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in 1975. In 1971, he had already appeared in an off-Broadway production of the novel, which paved the path for him to get the part in the film adaptation.

The motion picture adaptation, which was released in 1975, was a huge hit, and it went on to win all of the major Academy Awards in 1976. (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director and Screenplay). Through his part in the television series “Taxi” (which ran from 1978 to 1983), in which he portrayed the character of taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma, Danny DeVito was propelled to the forefront of fame and has maintained his visibility and popularity ever since.

Danny DeVito Net Worth

In 1981, he won both the Golden Globe Award and the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his participation on the television show “Taxi.” After the conclusion of “Taxi,” Danny DeVito went on to star in a number of successful motion pictures, including “Terms of Endearment” (1983), “Romancing the Stone” (1984), “Ruthless People” (1986), “Twins” (1988) alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Other People’s Money” (1991), and “Batman Returns” (1992) directed by Tim Burton (1992).

It wasn’t until 2006 that he made his way back to the small screen, joining the cast of the immensely successful comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on FX. Towards the conclusion of his career, he collaborated on a number of films, including “Solitary Man” (2009) with Susan Sarandon and his longtime friend Michael Douglas, “When in Rome” (2010) with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, and Tim Burton’s live-action rendition of “Dumbo” (2019).

In most circles, Danny DeVito is seen as a comedic actor, and this perception is rather widespread. On the other hand, he has also been seen in a number of serious parts during the course of his career. Some of these appearances include “The Rainmaker” (1997), “Jack the Bear” (1993), “L.A. Confidential” (1997), “The Big Kahuna” (1999), and “Heist” (2001). In addition to that, he has a lengthy and remarkable list of projects in which he has participated as a voice actor.

He has provided the voices of characters in a wide variety of films and television shows, including “My Little Pony: The Movie” (1986), “Hercules” (1997), “Space Jam” (1996), and “The Lorax” (2012). Additionally, he has appeared as Herb Powell in many episodes of “The Simpsons” television programme.

In addition, he has been seen in commercials for QuickBooks and M&Ms, and he also portrayed a fictionalised version of himself in the music video for “Steal My Girl” by the British boy band One Direction. Both of these appearances may be found on television. In 2011, DeVito was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in appreciation of his contributions to the field of television.

Danny DeVito Production Ventures And Directing

The movie “The Ratings Game” was DeVito’s first effort as a filmmaker, and it was released in 1984. He went on to direct a number of movies in the years that followed, including “Throw Momma from the Train” (1987), “The War of the Roses” (1989), “Hoffa” (1992), “Death to Smoochy” (2002), and “Duplex” (2003). In addition to that, between the years 1973 and 2016, he directed a total of eight distinct short films.

In 1991, DeVito and his business partner Michael Shamberg established the production firm known as Jersey Films. Shortly after that, Stacey Sher became an equal partner in the venture with them. This firm has been responsible for the production of a large number of movies, the most notable of which are “Man on the Moon” (1999), “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “Garden State” (2004), and “Freedom Writers” (2007).

Reno 911!, a series that aired on Comedy Central, was also produced by this business (2003-2009). In 1991, he established Jersey Films as a company.

Other notable films that Danny DeVito has produced include “Matilda” (1996), which he co-produced, directed, and starred in; and “Erin Brockovich” (2000), for which DeVito, Shamberg, and Sher received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Both of these films are notable for the contributions that DeVito made to the production of these films.

Danny DeVito Personal Life

On January 17, 1971, actress Rhea Perlman went to watch a friend perform in the play “The Shrinking Bride,” which DeVito was also a part of. While she was there, she ran into DeVito, and the two became friends.

After two weeks of living apart, the pair finally decided to move in together. The date of their wedding was January 28th, 1982. They are the parents of three children as a unit. They divorced in October 2012, after having been married for a total of 30 years, but they got back together in March 2013. In March of 2017, they went their own ways peacefully for the second time, but both of them have maintained that they do not intend to get a divorce.

The two actors, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, have collaborated on a number of projects, including the television show “Taxi” and the feature picture “Matilda.”

Danny DeVito Property

Danny and Rhea occupied their Beverly Hills, California home of 14,579 square feet for a good portion of their married life. They bought the property in 1994, then twenty-four years later, in April 2015, they sold it for $24 million, despite having listed it off-market some years previously for more than $30 million.

They have maintained their joint ownership of a property in the Point Dume district of Malibu.

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