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DanMachi or Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon is a Japanese anime series based on the light novel of the same name. The anime series somehow became the sale of novels as well. The series premiered in 2017 for the first time. 

The series focuses on the adventures of Bell Cranell and his adventures. He is only a 14-year-old boy but he desires to be a strong person like the heroes of the stories he heard from his grandfather. He wants to be strong so that he can protect the things he loves. But he is not alone. Goddess Hestia is his protectress and guide in his quest to become a hero. 

The series has 3 seasons and the last season was released in 2020. A fourth one will shortly follow. We know that the fans have been waiting for any bit of news relating to this and we promise to tell you everything we know.

Adaptation of DanMachi 

The anime series Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon is based on a light novel series of the same name written by Oomori Fujino and illustrated by Yasuda Suzuhito

Plot of DanMachi 

The Gods and Goddesses were curious to know the lower world of humans. So they descend on earth to live among humans. Goddess Hestia is one such who came to earth and created her own Familia. Bell met her when he had no Familia. Hestia asks him to join her family.

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Bell gladly accepted.

After joining Hestia’s Familia, Bell finally gets to be a close part of multiple adventures. Another reason for Bell’s desire to become a strong and empowered person is so that he could be worthy of his love, Ais Walstein. 

Characters of DanMachi 

showcasing the main leads of danmachi
Featuring DanMachi’s protagonists!

Some of the main characters of the show are given below:

Bell Cranel 

showcasing bell cranel from danmachi
DanMachi’s Bell Cranel is back!

Bell Cranel is the male lead of the story. He was raised by Zeus as his grandson.

Bell is now a fourteen-year-old boy who dreams to become an adventurer in the truest sense of the word. His dreamy ideology is uncommon for a boy of his age and yet it is his innocent dreamy and trusting nature that makes him so popular. He loves his family and can sacrifice himself for them without even flinching.

Bell does not enjoy killing monsters, though. He is especially liked by the Xenos because he believes that they are worthy of proper treatment. Bell’s fear of Minotaurs causes him to lose battles which tells us he still has a lot to learn.  

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Hestia is the Goddess who sets up this familia in the first place. Bell is her first recruit. She shares a beautiful bond with Bell. She is in love with him too. But when she found out that Bell believes that mortals should not enter into relationships with immortal beings, it broke her heart. 

Later on, she found out that this belief of Bell stems from his horror, despair and loneliness when grandfather left him.

Ais Waldstein

Ais saved Bell from Minotaur and that is the moment he fell in love with her. Thus love served as a motivation that helped him survive the harsh training under her guidance. Bell is in love with her. But she is not so good at expressing her emotions. Hence, she has a good friendship with him. She is a top-level adventurer which makes Bell admire her even more. 

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They are monsters but with intelligence. Some of them can even speak.

There is a long list of characters that are present. Apart from the aforementioned characters, some of the major characters include- Wiene, Sanjouno Haruhime, Liliruca Arde, Mikoto Yamato, Freya, Ishtar, Tion Hiriutey, Welf Cuozzo and many more. 

Season 4 of DanMachi 

showcasing a glimpse from season 1 of danmachi
A glimpse from Japanese Anime, DanMachi Season 1

After gaining immense popularity as an adventure anime and mild harem comedy, the show was renewed for 3 seasons and a 4 this strongly anticipated to appear in early 2022. The official trailer has also been released. 

What do we expect in Season 4 of DanMachi 

Lots of action scenes will rule season 4, as guessed from the trailer. Bell develops a desperate desire to be stronger. He is tired of being weak and losing battles. He wants to do his best to win. Bell’s human side will be explored in a deeper way which will put in contrast to the immortal Gods and Goddesses.

Release Date of DanMachi 

No news of a specific date is out yet for this anime


With the confirmation of Season 4, launching in 2022, fans are going over this. New theories and possibilities keep increasing and this is the kind of hardcore loyal fans you gain when you deliver a good show. Anime fans are looking forward to the newest season with great excitement. 

So, what about you guys? Are you excited about season 4? Share your theories with us and let us feel about them in our comment section below.

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