Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber!


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A Late spring two or three has headed out in different directions. Bravo star Danielle Olivera solely uncovered why she and boyfriend of two years Robert Sieber separated in November 2022.One Summer several has headed out in a different direction.

Danielle Olivera affirmed she and boyfriend of over two years Robert Sieber are as of now not together.

“We separated in November — it’s still difficult to say without holding back,” the Bravo star only told E! News. “It’s miserable, however I’m finding my cheerful gradually. I have a ton of really extraordinary companions, even the young ladies on the show. They’ve been along these lines, so good to me.”

In spite of their split, the tech business visionary added that “there’s no ill will” among her and Robert.

“There’s still a great deal of adoration there and common regard, yet it simply wasn’t working out,” Danielle continued. “On the off chance that we can’t be glad, then we have to find our cheerful independently.”

With respect to the justification behind their separation, the New York City based reality star attributed piece of it to Robert’s popularity work as a culinary expert in Aspen, Colorado.

“Our relationship definitely experienced a piece because there wasn’t sufficient opportunity and I would keep things in and then they would clearly detonate in the incorrect ways,” she explained. “I’m not the simplest individual to be in a relationship — I’m great — however I expect a ton too. His career is amazing and I’m so glad for him. Do I wish things were unique? No doubt, yet such is reality.”

Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

Danielle uncovered she was quick to voice worries about their relationship.

“I communicated unhappiness and when we got into the discussion, it became like a great deal and the air pocket burst,” she shared. “He was like, ‘I can’t fulfill you the present moment,’ and I was like, ‘alright.'”

Until further notice, Danielle wants to appreciate time without anyone else as she recuperates from the split.

“I want to go out and have fun,” she said. “I simply want to be single for some time. I’m great at being single, so I’m about to zero in on my career, center around my application, have fun with my companions and commit a lot of errors.”

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Danielle Olivera’s ex Robert Sieber has likewise worked alongside well known culinary specialist David Cook!

Robert Sieber was most recently seen on Summer House in 2021 in an episode named Creep Me Perhaps. He is the proprietor of a restaurant in Aspen however lives in Montauk because of his work at The Snow Cabin. He is right now splitting his time between New York and Aspen.

Sieber used to work at The entire Day Bistro and Bar at the Breakers Montauk. The cook, who began taking his energy truly late in his life, has even cooked alongside famous culinary expert David Cook, who showed him a great deal Asian food and inspired him.

The 33-year-old has 4 brothers – – Jacob, Matthew, Michael, and Steven Sieber. Robert Sieber’s instructive foundation is obscure as of yet. Danielle Olivera apparently turned down Robert Sieber in July 2020, when he slid into her DMs.

Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

After three weeks, she met him face to face prior to filming Pandemic House. The reality star initially didn’t want to date him as a “great deal was going on” in her life, however Sieber was extremely persistent.

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Subsequent to dating for quite a while, Olivera moved to Charleston to accompany Sieber, but since of the last option’s work responsibility, needed to re-shift to New York. Speaking about her relationship, she said in an interview in July 2022 that:

“We have such a decent equilibrium, so it doesn’t at any point feel public — because once it does, you could do stuff in the relationship that isn’t authentic to the relationship”

Olivera was most recently seen with Sieber in October 2022 at BravoCon. Danielle said in the new interview with E!:

“It Simply Wasn’t Working Out”!

 You know, it sucks because there’s no enmity. It’s simply miserable, truly, that we were unable to sort it out.”

In spite of their split, Danielle Olivera expressed that she believes Sieber to be an extraordinary man and has a ton of regard for him. Nonetheless, the Mid year House entertainer was “despondent” in her relationship as they couldn’t manage their careers, something which was not a factor during the Coronavirus pandemic. She added further:

“I really cherished spending a ton of time with him and he’s a culinary specialist, and it’s hard to date a gourmet expert as a rule, however to date a cook that movements for his work, it causes significant damage. And I’m not the simplest either. I anticipate a ton, and so those two things simply didn’t work out.”

The reality star disclosed that she is leaning on her Mid year House co-stars and companions Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke after the separation. She praised them in the interview, saying:

“They really came through for me right up ’til now, even with the Robert stuff. It’s a ton and so it kind of tried what I had an outlook on every single one of them, really, and presently I know that there’s companionships there.”

Robert Sieber has unfollowed Danielle Olivera on Instagram yet the last option actually follows him on the web-based entertainment stage.

Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

Robert Sieber and Danielle Olivera Have Separated!

In the beyond over two years, Danielle Olivera has been dating culinary expert Robert Sieber, and they are currently headed in isolated bearings following more than two years of dating. It has been affirmed by the previous in a new interview with E! magazine that the couple separated in November.

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Despite the fact that both of them are not threatening towards one another, she expressed that it was challenging for her to date somebody who needs to travel a ton for his occupation because of the distance involved. Some photographs of the team actually appear on one another’s Instagram matrices on the two records.

Tragically, there have been no updates on the relationship between Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber, who have been together for over two years.

“We separated in November — it’s still difficult to say without holding back. It’s miserable, however I’m finding my happiness gradually. I have many extraordinary companions, even the young ladies on the show. They’ve been so pleasant to me.” the Bravo star explicitly explained to E! News.

“There’s still a great deal of adoration there and shared regard, however it simply wasn’t working out,” Danielle insisted. “In the event that we can’t be content, we should find our happiness independently.”

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According to the New York City based reality star, Robert’s popularity work as a gourmet expert in the Colorado resort town of Aspen had an impact in the separation.


The romance was reminiscent of a fantasy. Without a doubt, their romantic tale had significantly influenced the world, so the insight about their demise was a huge disappointment to every individual who had upheld them.

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