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Daniel Dembrowski: All That We Know About the American Philosopher


David Mudd

Daniel A. Dombrowski is a prominent American philosopher who was born in 1953. He currently holds a teaching position at Seattle University. In the 2018–19 academic year, he presided over the Metaphysical Society of America as its president.


Dombrowski has written over 170 articles that have been published in academic journals in the fields of philosophy, religion, classics, and literature. He has also authored twenty books. Both Contemporary Athletics and Ancient Greek Ideals, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2006, and Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Perspective are two of his books.

His primary areas of intellectual interest include the history of philosophy, philosophy of religion (from a neoclassical or process perspective), the political philosopher John Rawls, Christian ethics, and pacifism. He is also interested in pacifism. Process Studies’ editorial duties have been entrusted to him. Dombrowski is widely recognized as a leading authority on the philosophical writings of Charles Hartshorne. In the year 2016, he was referred to as “the most influential and prolific Hartshornean alive today.”

Animal rights and vegetarianism

Dombrowski is the author of a number of publications that discuss subjects related to vegetarianism and animal welfare, one of which is titled “The Philosophy of Vegetarianism” and was first published in 1984.

It chronicles the arguments for vegetarianism from the time of Pythagoras and throughout the Hellenistic period all the way up to the contemporary discussions on vegetarianism. It was lauded as a “very well researched study” in the reviews that were read.

First released in 1997, Dombrowski’s Babies and Beasts: The Argument from Marginal Cases is the first in-depth investigation of the variety of perspectives about the argument from marginal cases to be presented in book form. Arguments made by Peter Singer, Tom Regan, H. J. McCloskey, Jan Narveson, John Rawls, R. G. Frey, Peter Carruthers, Michael P. T. Leahy, Robert Nozick, and James Rachels are referenced in this work.

Who is Daniel’s wife?

Christi Dembrowski is a well-known person due to her status as a celebrity relative. According to Guinness World Records, her brother Johnny Deep is the highest-paid actor in the world. She is Johnny Deep’s sister.

Elisa Christie Depp is her birth name. She was born on December 21, 1960, to her parents, John Christopher Depp and Betty Sue Palmer. Her father was an actor. She was one of four children and spent her childhood in Owensboro, Kentucky, with her parents and three brothers and sisters.

Manufacturing Organization

Infinitum Nihil is a film production business that was established by Dembrowski’s brother, Johnny Depp. Dembrowski serves as the CEO of the company. The production firm was established in the year 2004.

The firm has produced a number of films throughout the years, some of which include The Rum Diary (2011), Hugo (2011), Dark Shadows (2012), The Lone Ranger (2013), and Mortdecia (2013).


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