Dale Meeks Wife: How Did The Two Meet?


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Dale Meeks who was born on 6 May 1974 was an English television and theatre actor. On 22 April 2023, Meeks died from heart failure at the age of 48. Meeks was best known for his role as Simon Meredith in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale and as the winner of ITV’s Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes with Mark Charnock as the Blues. He also starred in Byker Grove as the leader of a gang from rival youth club Denton Burn.

It was all about his professional life but many fans have keen interest to know about his personal life, especially wife and children. Although the late actor was super private when it came to his marriage and dating but we will try our best to provide you all the information about his wife that we have possibly found out for you. Let’s talk about Dale Meeks Wife.

Dale Meeks Wife

Before we start talking about his wife, we would like to share with our readers that Dale Meeks was a highly private person and hardly talked regarding his private affairs especially marriage life. So this article contains limited information about his wife.

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Talking about his wife, reports say that the late actor was married to Sarah Meeks. The two were very close to each other. Dale Meeks and Sarah Meeks had been together for over 20 years and had two children. Sarah has not made any public statements about anything as she is not a public figure.

How Did The Two Meet?

Late actor Dale Meeks and his wife Sarah Meeks had been married till his death. There is no information about when was the first time since they met or how they met but we have found out claim that they had been together for more than two decades.

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They started dating long ago and decided to get married. The wedding date of them still remains unknow even as of now. Now that the late actor, Dale Meeks is no more among us, it must be a hard phase for his wife to go through. Although Sarah has not released any public statement regarding her husband’s death. We will update if she comes up with any tribute or statement.

Dale Meeks Wife

Dale Meeks Death Cause

Meeks died from heart failure at the age of 48. The incident took place on 22 April 2023, left fans shock. Dale Meeks was an English television and theatre actor.

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His brother Philip Meeks wrote, ”The little boy I grew up with has left me. I cared for him so deeply. I tried so desperately to help him. It will say heart failure on the death certificate. But we’ll be collecting for.”

“Dale was profoundly unwell and unable to cope and undiagnosed conditions in men in their forties are killers. Dale was let down by those who should have seen beyond his ability to act and recognize his pain. I will never get over his death”

Dale Meeks’ Acting Career

Dale Meeks had appeared in various television shows and films. He was best known for his role as Craig Briggs in Emmerdale, a popular British soap opera. He appeared in the show from 1997 to 2002 and later made a come back in 2004. He also starred in Byker Grove as the leader of a gang from rival youth club Denton Burn.


Dale Meeks was a talent actor who is no more with us. The late actor has recently died due to heart failure. Many fans have shown their tribute to respected late Dale Meeks. He was married to his wife Sarah. The couple had been together for more than 20 decades. As she is not a public figure so we have presented all the possible information about her.

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