Will Daisy Jones And the Six Return for Season 2? The Best-Selling Book Has Been Adapted Into a Superb Video Television Series!


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Based on the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones and the Six recounts the tale of the rise and fall of a notable band drove by Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin). The ten-episode series is organized as the band members giving interviews in present day, narrating what happened in the heyday of their career.

The Network program is a very faithful adaptation of Jenkins Reid’s novel, albeit for certain key changes, so it’s unlikely Daisy Jones and the Six will return for a subsequent season. The show was expected as a restricted series, and that means it will have a conclusive consummation when the finale dropped.

“There could be more story to let know if that was something individuals wanted,” creator Scott Neustadter tells Town and Nation, “yet the reality of the situation will surface eventually assuming there’s any interest in something like this.”

At the point when asked about what comes next following the final scene, star Riley Keough kidded to T&C, “Indeed, we’ll have to figure out on season two! I’m joking, I’m kidding, there’s no season two. We continue to pitch it to Amazon via interviews.”

Is Daisy Jones and the Six Season 2 Happening?

Season 1 of Daisy Jones and The Six appeared on Prime Video on March 3, 2023, and it covers everything that went down in the best-selling novel of the same name. As the season 1 finale just dropped, there hasn’t been any official announcement on whether the series will be greenlit for a subsequent season.

Notwithstanding, showrunners Scott Neustadter and Will Graham are available to proceeding with the excursion of Daisy Jones and The Six.

Will Daisy Jones & The Six Return for Season 2

“I feel that sounds amazing, truly. Assuming individuals are keen on this story and these individuals, maybe we’ll get a chance. Leave the entryway open,” Neustadter told Variety in February 2023.“Why not? In the event that individuals appreciate what you’re doing and want a greater amount of it, that’s not a bad issue.”

Graham added, “We had the most amazing time making the show. For me, that question returns to Taylor and assuming she has another chapter for these characters in her head. On the off chance that we got a chance to make it happen, I think, no inquiry, everybody engaged with the show would appear with bells on.”

What Might Daisy Jones and the Six Season 2 Be About?

Since there’s just a single book in the Daisy Jones and The Six universe, which propelled the whole of season 1, there isn’t any more source material that the show could follow other than its existing characters. That being said, assuming a subsequent season gets greenlit by Prime Video, it will be an entirely different story.

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The final two episodes (no spoilers here!) will likely wrap up the story we know and love from the novel, so we’ll have to wait and see what the scholars dream up for our fave characters in the event that a subsequent season occurs.

Can I Listen to Daisy Jones and the Six’s Music?

On the off chance that you haven’t already been running “Take a gander at Us Currently (Honeycomb)” to the ground since the series debuted, we’re excited to tell you that the fictional band’s music is certainly real (on streaming administrations, anyway).

Their album Aurora is available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and even arrives in a restricted release vinyl.

“Season 1, we did the book from title page to the back,” chief maker Brad Mendelshohn tells ET’s Nischelle Turner.

Will Daisy Jones & The Six Return for Season 2

Yet, given the fans’ passion for Daisy Jones and The Six and the many, many stories actually left untold, especially in the current timetable, it’s not surprising that the cast – – and even a portion of the show’s makers – – are keen on rejoining for another season.

“It truly does leave you hanging,” admits Riley Keough, who radiated brilliantly on the series as the titular Daisy Jones, provoking Sam Claflin, who plays lead artist Billy Dunne, to ask, “Where do I join?”

“Assuming they said we were gonna do another one, another series, I would,” says Suki Waterhouse, who portrayed keyboardist Karen Sirko, whose romance with Graham Dunne (Will Harrison) was one of the many features of the series – and still largely let alone compared to way that things between Daisy, Billy and Camila Alvarez (Camila Morrone) were at the focal point of the story.

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“Karen and Graham need to return for a season 2,” Morrone recommends, while chief maker Scott Neustadter agrees. “There’s more going on in the background,” he says of the band’s other couple.

Josh Whitehouse, who plays bassist Eddie Roundtree, and Sebastian Chacon, who appeared as drummer Warren Rojas, also have ideas for what season 2 could cover.

“We do the 1980s European visit,” Chacon says with a laugh, taking into account how the band’s most memorable major visit finished, while Whitehouse jokes that audiences could follow “Eddie during his troublemaker phase.”

Claflin, as well, also has an idea for another season. “I actually already pitched my form of series 2,” he reveals. “I actually feel like there’s quite a lot more to come. In any case, it’s not for us to say. Maybe Taylor Jenkins really needs to compose another book.”

And considering how certain characters’ accounts finished – – no spoilers here – – Morrone says, “They can sort out a way to think of us back in there.”

Will Daisy Jones & The Six Return for Season 2

“I trust that the audience is out there and they demand a subsequent season,” Mendelshohn says, open to the idea of accomplishing more. Yet, he, like the other makers on the series, says it’s no longer any of his concern. “Ideally Prime Video would want to go again.”

While there is nothing official in progress, “talk to Amazon,” leader maker Lauren Duty Neustadter says, before adding, “It was really a delight to make this and it would be great to have a gathering for sure.”

Reid Isn’t Precluding a Subsequent Season!

“I believe we’re in a really fortunate position where we have a story that is final, and has a consummation that feels significantly better,” the author says. “I would possibly open that back up in the event that it seemed like there was a story here that we have to tell. Have I been pondering what that is? I certainly have.”

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She proceeded, “To see the performances that you have from this cast, and specifically Riley and Sam, and be willing to walk away from that without asking yourself whether you could offer them another chance to dive into these characters would be senseless.

I’m not so idiotic as to not perceive what we have in that frame of mind of them. So it’s certainly at the forefront of my thoughts.”

Will Daisy Jones & The Six Return for Season 2


After 10 episodes, Daisy Jones and The Six has reached an emotional conclusion, revealing what happened to the many individuals in and encompassing the band, both in the late 1970s and the present.

While a couple of notable characters kicked the bucket along the way, the majority of the band endure the fleeting rise and fall to the point of being able to tell the narrative of their brief however searing time at the center of attention.

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