What is the Release Date of Daddy’s Home 3? Who Will Be Starring In It?


Arvinda Dixit

Will Daddy’s Home come back for the third installment? What do you think will happen in Daddy’s Home in the next movie? Are the daddy’s becoming old dads or grandparents? Let’s See and know everything about the third installment of this funny movie in which children have two-two daddies instead of one.

Is it ok or blessed if a child is taken care of by two parents or will it create a mess?

As we all know that parents are the blessing of God given to all of us in the form of god but what happens when someone has two parents? Is the child happy or not because he has to listen to both parents whether it is dad or mom?

For example, if a child wants to go outside for a trip and if dad says no to him, then he may ask to take permission from another daddy. Is it funny or creates a problem instead of saying yes from both the dads? So this film is also made to show these things which sometimes happen in reality also.

When Will Daddy’s Home 3 Come?


At the time of writing, there is no official news about the new film of this but its first film came in December 2015, and in November 2017 the film came for a second time and now the wait for the third film is there but no one knows when it will release.

According to some sources, it is heard that the film is on the way or in production but nothing is said about this as no official announcement or news came about it. So till then watch its previous movies of 2015 and 2017. So we only expect and hope that the franchise will make a third installment shortly and we will get to see it in late 2023 or early 2024 if possible.

Daddy’s Home 3

But to this date nothing is official and four years have also been completed so there is less chance that the movie will come for a third time after a long time gap but nothing can be said because no one knows what the future holds.

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Who is Going to be Cast in Daddy’s Home 3?

No Cast members are confirmed because the movie is not renewed or canceled officially at this time. So if the movie comes then we will see previous members as the movie didn’t remain the same if new cast members come in place of old ones.

Some of the members who can back are if they make a third installment-

Actor Character
Mark Wahlberg Dusty Mayron
Will Ferrell Brad Whitaker
Linda Cardellini Sarah Whitaker
Jamie Denbo Doris
Scarlett Estevez Megan Mayron
Owen Vaccaro Dylan Mayron
Bill Burry Jerry
Thomas Haden Church Leo Holt
Hannibal Buress Griff
Alessandra Ambrosio Karen

Grab some cocoa and cozy up for a movie night this holiday weekend with Daddy’s Home and Daddy’s Home 2!

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Daddy’s Home 3: Story

No exact storyline is there for the third season or movie but I hope it will show the future of all and we see one of them becoming grandfathers as their kids are getting married or already married.

While daddy might be seen cranky and spending their time together.

But this time no plot is there and you can also suggest in the comment box what is going to happen and what the story brings forward from the side of the makers because the third season is not renewed.

In the first movie, you have seen that both the daddy are competing with each other to take care of the child and live in the same house peacefully but his wife didn’t want this. And in the second season, the three are living peacefully and now both the daddies are friends and make a team with each other and have some fun.

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Is There Any Trailer for Daddy’s Home 3?

There is no trailer for Daddy’s Home 3 and we will update this section when any official trailer or teaser comes on the internet. Enjoy the last movie trailer for the time being.

Check out the official trailer of Daddy.


In essence, the series Daddy’s Home has received huge love from the audience and has very well captivated the minds of readers. It has aired two seasons so far and the fans are looking forward to the third season.

No official statement regarding the renewal of the series for a new season has been disclosed till the time of writing the article. It is expected that the series might get renewed in the fall of 2023 or early 2024.

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