Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed?


David Mudd

Sitcoms have gone a long way since their inception. Most modern television comedies don’t have laugh tracks. Even network series have broad narrative arcs rather than single episodes that stand alone. The Witcher needs just as much explication and world-building as A Good Place. Days are gone when you can still just pop into a Family Matters season 5 episode and figure out what was going on.

dad stop embarrassing me season 2

Netflix’s latest sitcom, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, is perfect for people who want to return to simpler times. Jamie Foxx plays Brian Dixon, a father who receives custody of his daughter. Sasha (Kyla-Drew), but the two don’t get along. Sasha tells her father that she doesn’t believe in God in an episode. This is where the sitcom combines old-school aesthetics with current sensibilities.

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The show quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 after its premiere. When you add in Jamie Foxx’s innate charm and appeal, it appears like this series has a chance to continue. Netflix hasn’t formally renewed the show, but here’s what we can anticipate from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2!

When Will the Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2! Be Released?

As of this writing, there’s no way to know for sure when further episodes might be released without a confirmation of a second season. A new season of most Netflix series typically takes a year to air. So if season 1 is a success, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! might return in early 2022.

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It’s worth remembering that Netflix hasn’t always been friendly to multi-camera sitcoms. Alexa and Katie, One Day at a Time, and Fuller House are just a few of the shows that have succumbed to the streaming platform. It’s possible that Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! may suffer a similar fate, although the sitcom does have Jamie Foxx as both a star and a producer. It’s still unclear how things will pan out, but if you enjoy Foxx. You should absolutely watch this episode within the first month of its release to ensure Netflix has the most up-to-date information.

What Is the Story All About?

After a few months of waiting, Netflix has decided on the future of Jamie Foxx’s new comedy series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which premiered on Netflix in April 2021. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the Netflix sitcom has been canceled after one season and will not be renewed for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2. Jamie Foxx and Jim Patterson developed the Netflix Original comedy series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! While it is not the first Original series to include Foxx. It is the first time the Oscar winner has appeared in one.

dad stop embarrassing me season 2

Foxx’s early television career was essentially a comedy, including roles in In Living Color and 3rd Rock from the Sun. As well as his own series, The Jamie Foxx Show, which he created, starred in, and produced. Brian Dixon, a single father and the CEO of a thriving cosmetics company, gets a crash education in parenting when his adolescent daughter Sasha moves home with him.

Who Would Be in the Cast of the Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2!?

Assuming that all goes according to plan, we may expect a lot of the same actors to return for another season. That implies Jamie Foxx would return to the show, not just as Brian Dixon. Still, as the diverse cast of characters he played in season 1: Throughout the season. Foxx returns to his In Living Color roots by assuming the roles of Reverend Sweet Tee, Rusty, and Cadillac Calvin, among others.

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In addition to Kyla-Drew reprising her role as Sasha, David Alan Grier as Pops, Heather Hemmens as Stacy, Jonathan Kite as Johnny, Porscha Coleman as Chelsea, and Valente Rodriguez as Manny are also expected to return in Dad Stop Embarrasing Me Season 2. New characters will almost certainly be introduced, and we hope to see Foxx reunited with some of his In Living Color co-stars. For nineties youngsters, an appearance by Keenan Ivory Wayans or Tommy Davidson would be a wonderful treat.

What Could the Plot of the Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2! Be?

Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! Season 1 puts the main protagonists in some intriguing situations that might lead to lots of humor and drama in future episodes. Brian received an offer from Maybelline to sell his cosmetics business at the end of the season. But he wants to give it to his daughter, Sasha, to operate one day. She admits that she is interested in becoming a civil rights attorney toward the conclusion of the season finale.

dad stop embarrassing me season 2

It establishes some new stories that will allow all of the Dixon family members to develop while sharing some amusing and meaningful moments. Sasha is still a child at the end of the day, and her coming of age in the twenty-first century provides lots of opportunities for amusement. Brian and Pops’ reactions to her dating and desire for more significant duties have already been witnessed. If Netflix decides to go that way, expect the same dynamic to continue in Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2.


According to our sister site Deadline, Netflix has canceled Jamie Foxx’s family comedy Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! after one season. Sasha Dixon will no longer have to worry about her embarrassing father. Brian Dixon, a wealthy company leader and bachelor who became a full-time parent to his teenage daughter Sasha (No Good Nick’s Kyla-Drew) was played by Jamie Foxx. David Alan Grier (In Living Color) and Porscha Coleman (Good Girls) co-starred with Foxx.

The multi-camera comedy was inspired by Foxx’s real-life daughter, Corinne Foxx, who co-produced the film with Alex Avant. Its eight-episode first season premiered on April 14th, two months ago. With the following projects, They Cloned Tyrone and Day Shift, Netflix and Foxx’s creative cooperation will continue. Grand Army, an adolescent drama, and Jupiter’s Legacy, a graphic book adaption, were both recently canceled on Netflix (though a spinoff has been ordered). In April, the streaming giant withdrew both The Last Kingdom and The Duchess.