D.P. Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Eveything Else


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The most current Netflix Original drama, D.P., may rank among the most well-liked entries since Love Alarm and Kingdom, despite the streaming service’s continued production of excellent South Korean television. Fans will be even more thrilled to learn that shooting for the second season of D.P. has wrapped up. They were already thrilled to find that the show had been extended for a second season. Everything you need to know about D.P. season 2 will be tracked below. The fact that Kim Bo Tong is involved in the series as a co-writer of it is one of the reasons why it is so well-liked.

Release Date of D.P. Season 2

Only one season of D.P. has been confirmed so far. As of the time this article was written, neither Koo Kyu Kwan nor Jung Hae In was said to be working on any other series. The sequel to D.P. might start filming as early as 2022, and given how quickly K-dramas are produced, Netflix subscribers should be able to see it by the beginning or middle of 2023. There are many reasons why D.P. received favorable reviews throughout its run and is still being talked about in South Korea today. The program spent eight weeks at the top of Netflix’s domestic dramas list.

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The show, which is based on the webcomic D.P. Dog’s Day, aims to hold up a mirror to the excessive harassment and taunting culture that is pervasive in their military. The production cast for D.P. season 2 will be the same as that of season 1. The screenplay will also be co-written by Kim Bo Tong and director Han Jun Hee.

Trailer of D.P. season 2

Cast of D.P. Season 2

Ahn Joon Ho as Jung Hae In, Han Ho Yul as Koo Kyo Hwan, Park Bum Goo as Kim Sung Kyun, and Im Ji Sup as Son Seok are the soldiers. Shin Seung Ho Ryu and Hong Kyung are both portrayed by Koo Hwang Jang Soo.Lee Jun Young is portrayed by Jung Hyun Min.

The Plot of  ‘D.P. season 2’

The first season of D.P., which consisted of six episodes, came to an explosive conclusion. The final two episodes were when the show’s themes of hierarchical structure abuse, senior-level power abuse, political ties, gory stories, and emotional backstories reached their pinnacle. Joon Ho chose not to follow the decisions made by his unit leader in the conclusion. The D.P. member switches to the other direction as the entire group moves in the same direction. There aren’t many places Joon Ho can go given that his enlistment will expire in more than 500 days.

D.P. Season 2 Release Date

His fractured connection with his mother was also shown in the first season. Home is therefore also out of the question. However, D.P. season 2 might provide viewers with an explanation for why Joon Ho and her relationship are tense. Then there is Ho Hyeol, who repeatedly disobeyed Sergeant First Class Park Bum Gu (Kim Sung Kyun), his immediate superior, in front of all the juniors. After leaving the hospital, veteran D.P. member Ho Hyeol was given a second opportunity, although in some cases, a power play could result in Ho Hyeol losing his D.P. position.

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He might be “punished” by being made to appear to be a regular soldier or a member of the military police, which would prevent him from leaving the barracks (one thing Ho Hyeol loves the most.)The obvious and undeniable bromance between Hoon Jo and Ho Hyeol will be a theme in the forthcoming season..

1st season Recap

The second season of D.P. will deal with the fallout from the tragic events at the end of season 1. After being bullied repeatedly, Suk Bong became enraged and abducted Hwang Jang-Soo with the intention of killing him. Suk Bong is stopped from murdering Hwang by Detective Na, but Jun-Ho had to step in to stop Suk Bong from punching the deserter too hard.

When Suk Bong was able to seize Detective Han’s revolver and chase Hwang to finish the operation he had started, the situation was suddenly changed. Han urged Suk Bong to go and promised to look into the accusations concerning Hwang and his unit in-depth.

D.P. Season 2 Release Date

Despite the involvement of Han and Jun-Ho, fully armed police guards approach and encircle Suk-Bong. In a fit of despair, Suk Bong shoots himself in the forehead, but he inadvertently hits his neck rather than his head, forcing him to bleed to his death while he frantically screamed for his mother. Following the incident with Suk Bong, Jun-Oh makes the drastic decision to leave his unit and leadership.

Final Review of D.P. Season 2

Bullying and intimidation are rampant in the South Korean military, which led to the deaths of Suk Bong and other service members. Detective Han promised to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the military police division to Suk Bong was transferred. If Han follows through on his promise, the subsequent investigation is likely to turn up a protracted and dangerous history of bullying.

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However, an investigation is still required since a bullying soldier pulls a machine gun on all the troops in his quarters, killing them all. More victims of the pervasive bullying culture.