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Cynthia Bailey Breaks Her Silence on Mike Hill Cheating Allegations, More!

Cynthia Bailey breaks her silence on Mike Hill cheating allegations, more

Cynthia Bailey is not letting some anonymous woman ruin her fairly new marriage. Though she admitted that the rumors are” annoying,” she appeared to be completely probative of her hubby Mike Hill, who’s indicted of cheating on her.

 The Bravo star was met by TMZ at LAX on Tuesday, November 2. Seen together with her hubby for the first time since the rumors surfaced, she agreed with the videographer who called the rumors” super annoying.”

” Yup, veritably annoying,” she echoed the videographer walking calmly walking into the field to check in. Asked how they’re doing amid the rumors, the model/ actress claimed,” We are great,” before adding,” Rumors are rumors.”

 Mike, who was walking a many way behind Cynthia, also said the allegations are” stupid” and” not true.” He said he is considering to take legal action if the appellant continues spreading the rumors, stating,” We will take care of it the way it’s supposed to be taken care of.”

As for the identity of the person who brought up the cheating allegations, he said he has” no idea who it is,” but he hopes the person” gets help.

Cynthia Bailey Announces She’s Leaving’ Real Housewives of Atlanta’ After 11 Seasons

 While the mama – of- one, 55, did not want to unmask any specific details out of” respect” for Hill, 52, she admitted they may have rushed into effects( They were dating for 14 months before Hill proposed).

” People say all the time,’ You do not really know someone until you life( sic) with them.’ And for us, our relationship was bicoastal for a long time,” she participated.”

Once we were suitable to be with each other on a further harmonious base — and we started really, really getting to know each other — we realized we were not as compatible as we allowed we were.”

The Real Housewives of Atlana Alum Doubled Down on the Brace’s Determination To Stay Friendly, Noting Their Split Isn’t A” Woeful Ending” to Their Story.

” This is two people who have enough love and respect for each other to be veracious about their relationship in terms of asking themselves,’ Are we truly happy together? How do we want to move forward?'” she revealed.” And also who were stalwart enough and loved one another enough to make that choice together.”

 Bailey added she and Hill are” more suited” to be musketeers, commodity he whole- heartedly agrees with as they move forward in different directions.” Indeed though our relationship is ending, our fellowship remains gemstone solid and for that I’m thankful,” he said.” I can smile knowing she will always be there for me as I’ll be for her.”

Cynthia Bailey Reveals’ a Number of Effects’ Led to Her & Mike Hill’s Decision To End Their 2- Time Marriage

 Former Bravo star Cynthia Bailey is clearing the air on why she and Mike Hill decided to part ways after just two times of marriage. The model blazoned the split before this week, and in her first interview since also, she clarified that neither harbor ill will towards the other, especially since cheating played no part in their bifurcation.

” There was no infidelity to my knowledge. Mike noway had coitus with another woman during our marriage,” she stated.” At the end of the day, it just came down to a number of effects. It was nothing libelous , we just outgrew each other.”

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