Cult Movies: Films You Must Watch Before You Die!


Saloni Singh

12 PM and apartment favorites from ‘Eraserhead’ to ‘The Evil Dead’.THERE’S NO SINGLE way to perceive a cult movie other than the straightforward fact that fostered a wildly committed audience watches it again and again, preferably at 12 PM in a theater packed with other stalwarts.

Not many reach the level of The Big Lebowski and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where fans toss giant shows and come spruced up like their favorite characters, yet all are repeatedly watched on DVD and analyzed unendingly on the internet.

To pay tribute to the ten year anniversary of Mean Young ladies (a very unlikely candidate for a cult movie, however one nonetheless) we asked our readers to choose their favorite cult movies.

  1. ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Might any other movie at some point have perhaps won this survey? This low financial plan 1975 film tanked when it came out, however the next year a New York theater started showing it at 12 PM and inside the space of months a furiously given cult started seeing it again and again, sprucing up like the characters and chiming in to the tunes.

The tradition go on today, however the development peaked during the 1980s and 1990s. Like many cult movies, there’s a quasi-spin-off (Shock Treatment) that fails to satisfy the original, or even come close.

  1. ‘The Big Lebowski’

Like many cult classics, The Big Lebowski didn’t do very well with pundits when it originally came out. “Head boss was a lot more clever film set in the realm of bowling,” said Quality Siskel prior to giving it a disapproval.

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“The Jeff Extensions character wasn’t worth my time. There’s no heart to him.” History has refuted Quality Siskel. Incredibly, wrong.

  1. ‘This Is Spinal Tap’

Burglarize Reiner’s This Is Spinal Tap was such a persuading mockumentary that right up ’til now many individuals imagine that Spinal Tap is an actual band. Spinal Tap, be that as it may, was savvy to what’s going on, visiting when the movie came out and thinking of certain tunes in the years since.

Who can say for sure? Maybe individuals who think they aren’t a real band have turned into the foolish ones.

  1. ‘Pulp Fiction’

Unlike many cult movies, Pulp Fiction was a big hit when it came out and pundits absolutely cherished it. It is, notwithstanding, still a regular on the 12 PM movie circuit, and keep on citing its lines and fixate on all of its details.

That means it is absolutely a cult movie, however those fans that continue to trust Quentin Tarantino will break down one day and make a Vega Brothers movie are probably up the creek without a paddle.

  1. ‘A Clockwork Orange’

Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange stunned audiences in 1971 with its scenes of rape and graphic viciousness, and time has done essentially nothing to dull it.

Many filmgoers that got into Kubrick after Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey were frightened by the film, yet it also prevailed upon a substantial cult early on and many troublemaker bands that arose a couple of years later took a portion of their fashion sense from the movie.

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It’s also played on many times on the 12 PM movie circuit and generations of school kids have placed the banner on their wall.

  1. ‘Harold and Maude’

This 1971 black parody is about the unlikely romance between a death-fixated young man and an equally horrible woman in her late seventies.

The kid’s family is clearly frightened by the relationship, and the woman has a mystery plan that ultimately takes care of the issue, however not before such dark wackiness results. A young Elton John was considered for the lead job, yet it ultimately went to Bud Cort.

  1. ‘Pink Floyd – The Wall’

Pink Floyd’s 1979 twofold LP about a hero whose youth devils make him insane appeared to be hand crafted for the big screen, however chief Alex Parker didn’t exactly make a traditional film out of it.

Casting Weave Geldof of the Boomtown Rats as the demigod Pink, he made the movie a surreal, hallucinogenic experience punctuated by animated successions. Pundits were dazzled, however it took audiences a short time to catch on, however it before long became a favorite of stoned secondary school kids all across America.

  1. ‘The Evil Dead (1981)’

Well before he made a unimaginable fortune as the overseer of the main Bug Man set of three, Sam Raimi was an undergrad at Michigan State fixated on the idea of making a horror movie. After making a small name for himself with a couple of short films, he exited school to shoot his hotly anticipated masterpiece, The Evil Dead.

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It was nothing like the messy mainstream horror flicks of the era, and it actually tracked down a gigantic audience notwithstanding its miniature financial plan. The flick spawned an Evil Dead franchise and eventually made Raimi a major Hollywood player.

  1. ‘Phantom of the Paradise’

Brian De Palma coordinated this 1974 film, essentially a stone rendition of the Phantom of the Opera. It’s about an evil record mogul, a disfigured writer hellbent on vengeance, a pact with Satan and a stone club called the Paradise. The cult behind this movie is small, yet extremely loyal. They even organized the “Phantompalooza” show in 2005.

  1. ‘Donnie Darko’

A young Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this 2001 movie about a truly disturbed secondary school understudy who avoids death when a plane motor pounds his room.

A figure in a rabbit ensemble lets him know the world will end 28 days later, however no one trusts him. The film made just $7.7 million during its original run, however it’s since fostered a tremendous audience that watches it fanatically.

  1. ‘Eraserhead’

David Lynch started out with this surreal 1976 movie an in a nightmarish future about a man and has a very disfigured kid. Obviously, individuals weren’t arranging to support such an undertaking, and shooting required many years.

The final product was a movie unlike anything seen previously or since, and it made perpetually made Lynch a legend of the non mainstream movie local area. The Imps recorded their own variant of the tune “In Heaven” from the movie early on in their career.

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  1. ‘Repo Man’

Emilio Estevez coincidentally finds a career with a car repossession agency after figuring out that his parents gave his schooling cost to a televangelist.

The work gets very odd very fast, and he eventually winds up wrapped up in a UFO conspiracy. The entire situation is much more abnormal than it sounds, and it’s absolutely brilliant. The 2010 Jude Law movie Repo Men has a similar title, yet that’s about it.


A great cult movie is like a bizarre underground discovery, that feels so strange and brilliant, you suspect that you’re the very first individual to appropriately appreciate it.

However, certain cult films have acquired fame and impact to rival any blockbuster, and have become part of our shared vocabulary.

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