Cryptorobotics: The Best Free Crypto Trading Platform


Sandeep Singh

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing today. That is why a huge number of crypto trading platforms appear in the market. The only downside to this is that it is becoming more and more difficult for traders to decide on the choice of a cryptocurrency trading platform. Therefore, we will talk about which platform to choose for cryptocurrency trading and what you need to pay attention to.

One of the best crypto trading platforms is considered Cryptorobotics. Let’s take a closer look at this crypto trading platform and why it attracts users.

What is a Cryptorobotics trading platform?

Cryptorobotics is one of the best free crypto trading platforms that allows its users to trade crypto, manage their portfolio, use technical analysis, and get instant notifications about changes in the market. Cryptorobotics supports 15 major crypto exchanges from a single interface and provides traders with all crypto pairs available on supported crypto exchanges.

Besides, the platform offers a huge number of effective cryptocurrency trading tools for manual and algorithmic trading. Manual trading is absolutely free on the platform, traders can use chart trading with all functions like tech analysis, all types of orders, alerts, and other functions absolutely free. But if traders want to automate the crypto trading process, they can purchase one of the PRO packages that are included advanced crypto trading tools.

The cost of all tools for algorithmic trading is quite reasonable and each user can afford to purchase them. In addition, the Cryptorobotics trading platform provides various discounts or promo codes for the free use of PRO packages for a certain period. Thus, users can test any function and understand how it works. There is also a demo site on the platform, so before registering, users can test the platform.

What are the functions available on the Cryptorobotics platform?

Cryptoroborics provides the following functions for algotrading:

Crypto trading bots

Crypto trading bots are algorithmic trading software developed based on algorithms. Crypto bots can analyze price fluctuations in the market, as well as decide about open and close orders.

Cryptocurrency bots are fully automated. They enter trades only with positive price fluctuations under oscillators and indicators and exit them according to a predetermined algorithm. ‌


Autofollowing is an algorithmic tool that allows you to enter trades using a crypto bot that follows the analyst’s signals. The bot processes the received signals from the analyst, after which it starts entering trades.


Copytrading is a tool for algorithmic trading, with the help of which users of the platform can copy trades of experienced traders. Using this feature, you do not just blindly copy trades, but get a ready-made strategy from a professional trader.

Crypto signals

Crypto signals are an algorithmic tool developed to enter trades according to the analyst’s forecast, which is based on the data obtained during the analysis. The essence of the instrument is that the analyst gives the trader information about possible profitable trades on cryptocurrency exchanges. All orders are executed automatically according to the parameters set by the analyst.

For manual trading, traders can use the following crypto tools for manual trading:

Chart trading

Traders can open and exit orders directly on the chart by setting all the necessary parameters such as OCOs, or smart orders, market orders, limit orders, and stop-limit orders.


Alerts are an instant notification to a crypto trader when a specified order execution price or a price of interest is reached. This feature allows following any price fluctuations and market trends.

What types of orders are available on the Cryptorobotics platform?

OCOs, or smart orders

This type of order includes Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing. This function is developed to minimize the risks and losses as well as increase profit.

Ladder smart order

Ladder smart order is a strategic tool that allows traders to profit by placing long and short orders at specified intervals above or below a set price. As a result, grid trading is created. Grid trading is usually used in a volatile market when there is a fluctuation in the price of an asset for a certain period of time.

The automatic execution of an order to buy below the base price or to sell above the base price guarantees a profit in a sideways market every time the sell price is higher than the buy price, without the need to predict the likely price movement in the market.

Limit orders

A limit order is a regular order that can be placed in the order book to buy or sell cryptos and is promptly executed at the market price.

Stop Limit Orders

A stop-limit order is a pending order to buy or sell until the specified value of a digital asset is reached. This type of order does not reserve the amount of the trader’s digital coins before it is implemented.

Market order

A market order is the simplest form of a trading order. This order is for buying or selling digital coins at the best price currently available. If you want to buy a coin at the best price available, opening a market order would be a good decision.

Which crypto exchanges does the Cryptorobotics trading platform support?

As we have already mentioned above, the Cryptorobotics trading platform supports exchanges through API.

Thus, you can use the best tools of this crypto trading platform for automatic and manual cryptocurrency trading on 15 of the most popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Binance Futures, Binance.US, CEX, Bitfinex, OKEX, EXMO, Gate .io, P2PB2B, Huobi, Kraken, Gate .io, P2PB2B, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, KuCoin, Bybit, Bybit Inversion.

How to start trading on the Cryptorobotics platform?

To start trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Register.
  • Set up an account on one of the exchanges that are available on the crypto trading platform.
  • Bind account to the Cryptorobotics trading platform.
  • Select the tab – TRADE (for manual trading) or ALGOTRADING (for selecting algotrading tools).
  • Customize the tool and order.
  • Launch order.
  • Start crypto trading.