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Cruel Summer Season 2 Everything You Should Know


David Mudd

Cruel Summer is an American mystery drama created by Bert. V. and Jessica Biel is the executive producers of the show. Season 1 released on, Cruel Summer Season 2 will be a must watch!

Plot of Cruel Summer Season 2

The story is set in the 1990s. When Kate Wallis, a  popular girl goes missing for a year, it sets off a chain of events. Jeanette, who had an ordinary life in the shadows, seems to take over the role of Miss Popular in Kate’s absence. She changes herself to fit in and become the new talk town, the Apple of the eye. 

Jeanette’s change does not go unnoticed by her classmates. She though enjoys it way too much to notice. She even gets Kate’s then-boyfriend Jamie and they begin a close relationship. 

A year later Kate comes back and declares that she was kidnapped by Martin Harris and 

The Narrative 

The narrative technique chosen by the creator is an interesting one. Instead of going for a traditional direct method of storytelling, the director has chosen to tell stories through two viewpoints – that of the accuser and the accused. Each narrator’s story is shown through flashbacks. 

Reason of Popularity of Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer capitalizes on misunderstanding, assumption and provocation, betrayal, secrets, lying and perhaps the worst being the extreme need for external validation of identity. All these traits are most prominent among teenagers. So, it is not surprising that teens go to extreme lengths to get things in their way.

 The show has done an amazing job in portraying the fragile, weak human side of the characters. They always do things that we would. Jamie starts to like Jeanette in Kate’s absence. Jeanette wants popularity and she does her best to get it. Mallory realizes she could never speak the truth so she lets Jeanette be accused by Kate. Kate herself lies about being locked down as she was allowed to roam free within the house. 

Their responses to the bad and dark things are so very human. Not a single thing seems far fetched. This relatability has firmly hit home.

A perfect psychological thriller drama

a still from cruel summer season 1
The ending of Cruel Summer Changed Everything!

The psychology of the intensity of the characters and complicate the events to such a degree where no one cannot come clean. 

Martin Harris was the second most terrifying character in the show. First, he appears as a friend and support to earn Kate’s trust. He groomed her. Then kept Kate locked in his house. In a scene when Kate jokingly calls him “kidnapper”, he realizes that’s what he has become. 

Kate, whose abduction and return tear apart the lives of many, is not a straight character. She accused Jeanette of witnessing her abduction and not reporting it. It’s not true. But that’s what most people do when they find out that they were replaced by an outcast. Kate’s anger and hatred for Jeanette made her imagine Jeanette or she mistook Mallory for Jeanette. 

The most terrifying character is Jeanette Turner. Her desperation for social status remains her priority throughout. And she has become a master manipulator. She goes on to attend the TV show that ruined her name. On the show, she sings of forgiveness and letting go. 

An ultimate scene reveals something we never had imagined. Indeed, Jeanette did not see Kate in the  Harris house.  She heard her, loud and clear.

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Season 2 

a glimpse from cruel summer season 2
Cruel Summer Season 2 will be back with its mystery!

Season 2 of the show was confirmed before the season 1 finale. Freeform Head Tara Duncan said that it was an easy decision. Jessica Biel took to Instagram to express her joy.

There are two ways the show could go — firstly it can start a new story like an anthology format, or this story could be continued. The specific details are not yet chalked out for season 2.

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Release date of Cruel Summer Season 2

Early 2022 is all we have for now.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Available on

You can watch it on Hulu and Freeform

The cast 

the cast of cruel summer season 2
Featuring the amazing cast of Cruel Summer Season 2

Olivia Holt as Kate Wallis

Chiara Aurelia as Jeanette Turner

Froy Gutierrez as Jamie Henson

Harley Quinn Smith as Mallory Higgins

Brooklyn Sudano as Angela Prescott

Blake Lee as Martin Harris 

Allius Barnes as Vince Fuller

Nathaniel Ashton as Ben Hallowell.

Michael Landes as Greg Turner

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The show delves into the unpredictable nature of human beings. It shows what we are capable of, given the circumstances. It redefines the definition of cruelty. Cruelty doesn’t mean any cruel physical act but doing nothing when it matters the most can be just as cruel.

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