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Cristiano Ronaldo: Beautiful Picture With Family And Celebrating New Moment !!!


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Cristiano Ronaldo is getting a charge out of a heavenly battle with Juventus as the Old Lady secured her ninth successive Serie A title with a 2-0 win at home against Sampdoria on Sunday. Therefore, as Juventus win Serie A, the former Manchester United star’s prosperity praised by his accomplice, Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo sweetheart Georgina Rodriguez celebrates with kids as Juventus win Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo’s beloved Spanish model, Georgina Rodríguez, enjoyed her partner’s Serie A triumph as she shared photos of her escape to Portofino, Italy. Rodriguez praised Cristiano Ronaldo and his colleagues as they fixed a ninth successive Serie A success for Juventus on Sunday.

I was with the national team, giving them my everything as always, despite knowing my children had been born,” he said in the Facebook statement. “I am very happy to finally be able to be with my children for the first time.”

Instagram Life Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has posted photos on Instagram with her daughter Alana and her three companions Mateo, Eva. They also share a nesting kit with their children on the deck of the fabulous Cristiano Ronaldo yacht.

So, as indicated by reports, the Cristiano Ronaldo yacht being referred to leased by the former Real Madrid star for an astounding £180,000 per week. The yacht propelled by Italian shipyard Benetti in 2010 and is reputed to be worth around £15 million. The yacht gloats of a completely prepared rec center and can oblige up to 12 visitors in six lodges.

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Set Off For Life

The Portuguese football player, who is also the father of seven-year-old Cristiano Jr., landed on the island last week and enjoyed water sports, including jet-skiing, and spending time with family.

The Portuguese football player, who is also father to seven-year-old Cristiano Jr., landed on the island last week and seen enjoying water activities.

Cristiano Ronaldo
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