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COVID-19: WHO Says The Temperature And Weather Does Not Affect The Virus

Weathers’s role in preventing the novel COVID-19: is still unclear. It just developed late last year. So, no one got much time to research broadly about it until now. Precautions are the only things that can be done by people at present. Some of the countries locked down for travelers. Besides, some even totally locked down every street.


Rumors are all around about the weakness of corona in the hot and warm weather. But its not yet scientifically proven by anyone. It is a guess because most of the viruses can’t stand the heat. US President Donald Trump says that the virus will be gone by Spring. He said it because now it is going to be hot in the upcoming months.

Let Us Look Deep 

When we look back to other viruses like corona such as SARS and MERS to make a piece of example information about the impact of COVID-19.

Research and investigations show that the virus had a higher chance to reoccur after the warmth months. They also express the fact that human cases were more likely to occur in cold and dry conditions.

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May studies about different viruses were done in the past. But the coronavirus is different and unclear. Even if we have much information and know the needed precautions. Still, it is unclear the fact that does or doesn’t coronavirus survive in the heat.

Recent Facts About The Effect Of Heat Among COVID-19

World Health Organization now says that the heat does not affect coronavirus. However, new situations confirm this statement.

Now its summer season in Australia. Still, over 500 COVID-19 cases reported there. Besides, it is continuing its pandemic travel in Florida and also made it’s way to the Caribbean. Beyond this, the Caribbean is unseasonably warm now.

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If we compared the flu with the virus. It is completely another situation. The human body already has immunity to the flu and there is a vaccine for it. Instead in the case of COVID-19, there is nothing much known about it. Above all, It has no proven seasonal studies in its past outbreaks.

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