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COVID-19 Surveillance: The Surveillce Techniques Can Be Used For Unfair Means After The Virus

COVID-19 Surveillance: Several countries around the world are using Surveillance Techniques to tack down Coronavirus. These countries include Iran, China and Israel. It can also mean that the pressure will increase to leverage existing corporate surveillance infrastructure for these purposes in the US and other countries.

Stated below are some of the Principles. These are necessary for any data collection, and digital monitoring of potential carriers of COVID-19 will have to undertake.

Data Collection Based On Science (COVID-19 Surveillance)

Given the worldwide extent of Coronavirus, there is a valid point of understanding for not appropriate government rules and  actions. This can be stretching to ethnicity, religion, and race­. As opposed to realities about a specific person’s real probability of getting the infection. For example, their travel history and contact with an infected person.


As it says above. There is a lot of chances that the data surveillance infrastructure, which is building up is to curb COVID-19 to some extent. However, it can also be that the virus may outlive the expiration date of its presence. The government and its operators must roll back any invasive programs. The programs which are creating the name of public health after the crisis has been contained.

Openness (COVID-19 Surveillance)

Any kind of Surveillance Techniques which the government is using, the public will be informed about it. Nothing should go on behind the backs of the general public. This means the publication of explanatory information about the research that the government is collecting,  the retention period for the information and what tools will come into use for this process.

Researchers work on a tube containing the new coronavirus inside a secure laboratory in microbiology and immunology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, (Robert Haupt/University of Maryland School of Medicine)

Points To Avoid Corona

Given below are some simple measured you cant take to avoid this fatal Coronavirus. These are the key points you should always keep in mind

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