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COVID-19: Spain Becomes The 4th Country To Report Deaths Over 1,000


David Mudd

The coronavirus pandemic is causing quite a panic for people. The death toll for many countries is rising. Spikes in the number of cases is worrying people around the world. Spain recently became the second epicenter for the COVID-19. Here is an update on what Spain is facing.

The Corona Threat: How COVID19 Came To Spain

After China, Italy was the country to report the most number of cases. With more than 10,000 cases in Italy alone, its neighboring country Spain was not untouched by the virus. Now that Italy has 47,000 cases, Spain is also reporting more than 19,900 cases.


Seeing its devastating effects, WHO has declared the virus a pandemic. The death toll is rising continuously. More than 150 countries are reporting cases of the disease  Many countries are reporting a spike in the number of corona cases.

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Spain Reports 1000 deaths

Behind Italy, Spain is the country with the most number of cases in Europe. The country recently reported 1,002 deaths, making it the fourth country to do so. Before Spain, Italy, China and Iran are the ones with over a 1000 deaths. Combining these four nations, they share more than 80% of the death toll figures.

The increase in the death toll is by 16% in Spain. This is a cause for concern for the government which is struggling to keep up with the problem. Spain is coming close to its first week of lockdown. Therefore, the contagion is becoming harder to deal with, given the facilities the country has.

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Global Death Toll Of The COVID-19

The rising number of cases is also paving the way for the rise in the death toll. The death toll is rising above 11,000 deaths globally. The death toll is now at par with the death toll of Ebola, which broke out in Africa in the past.

Many industries are retreating into hibernation. Hollywood is completely shutting down all its productions. The economy is crashing in many countries and businesses are losing billions of dollars.

Many countries are on lock-down while others have shut down schools and theatres. It is vital that the public adheres to the health advisories and protocols in place. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment is essential.