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COVID-19, Cure: New Test Approved Could Help Frontline Diagnostics

A recent French study that new test approved can help frontline diagnostics of COVID-19. Read ahead to know more.

Status Of COVID-19 Globally

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus as a pandemic. Except, Antarctica, all continents tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, to date, 318,636 are positive cases of COVID-19 globally.

However, 13,674 people have died and 96,004 have successfully recovered from coronavirus. The vaccine for coronavirus is still in its testing face. You need to practice Social distancing and quarantining.


Italy hits the worst from the coronavirus. Deaths in Italy have surpassed the number of deaths occurred in China due to coronavirus. Spain is hit second-worst in Europe after Italy from coronavirus.

The United States has 35,000 plus COVID-19 cases to date. However, 458 have died and 178 have recovered.

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Singapore Reports Its First Death Case Due To Coronavirus

The Recent French Study

A combination of hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin could be effective in treating the coronavirus. Furthermore, hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malaria drug under the trade name Plaqenuil.

This combination seems to reduce the coronavirus duration in the human body. An experiment was conducted on 30 COVID-19 patients by scientists. Furthermore, six out of thirty patients showed no results.


But the rest showed resistance to coronavirus after receiving the combination.

The Conclusion

The scientists concluded that hydroxychloroquine was effective on its own. But it became more effective after combined with the antibiotic azithromycin. Patients started to overcome sneezing and coughing problems.

However, the combination remains in the testing phase. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation said that it can take about 5-6 months until the vaccine is developed. Developing vaccines in such a large quantity will be the main task.

Until then, everyone needs to take precautionary measures. People should stay at home, do social distancing, wash hands for 20 seconds, keep hands while sneezing and consult a doctor over phone call if symptoms of coronavirus seem to appear.


Also, people should adhere to the public healthcare guidelines issued by their country’s respective government. As the number of coronavirus deaths increase, so does the recovered population. But we must stay safe and ensure less burden on medical authorities and doctors.

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