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COVID-19: Cristiano Ronaldo Now In Quarantine After Coming In Contact With A Patient

Known as G.O.A.T., soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is in self-quarantine after he came in contact with a teammate. His Juventus teammate was tested positive for the deadly disease novel coronavirus. After this news flashed on the Internet, the whole world has stopped its breath.

Ronaldo Has To Stay In His Hometown

During the outbreak of this news, Ronaldo was in his hometown of Maderia, Portugal. After this news, authorities have instructed him to stay there. On Thursday, COVID-19 test showed positive for Daniel Rugani. Reporters said that players on Juventus would not be able to play for two weeks. 

All Other Players Who Came In Contact With Rugani

The football players, including Ronaldo, are not having any kind of training as of now. Ronaldo went to his hometown to visit his mother, who recently suffered a stroke this month. As per law, the self-isolation procedures started during this phase after a teammate got his confirmation for COVID-19. The committee has to limit all the players that came in contact with him because of the current health emergency. 

Rugani, meanwhile, tweeted about his well-being to his fans and told them not to worry. Additionally, he requested everybody to follow the rules and respect them as the virus makes no distinctions. He further prayed about the health and happiness of everyone around this world.

 Impact Of Coronavirus On Sports

Not only football but coronavirus has affected every sport all around the world. Italy banned every sporting event because of the massive outbreak of coronavirus there until the 3rd of April. Also, other soccer leagues and N.C.A.A. basketball experienced suspension in recent days. Sports authorities are requesting the fans to stay patient and cooperate until situations get normal. There are 126,000 cases all around the world and counting. The death toll is crossing 4600. 

Due to coronavirus, the pace of every section of society is now slow. Government of every country is taking significant steps to stop this from spreading. Though the numbers in China showed a significant decrease, the remaining part of the world is still heavily facing this disaster. 

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