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COVID-19 Confirmed For An Employee In Samsung, R&D Center Closed In Korea


David Mudd

It has already been a tough few months for every company and manufacturer. Samsung also hit by the ongoing crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, many of the production works got delayed. After everything, we saw during this pandemic, now its another news from Samsung with a confirmed COVID-19 case from one of its facilities in Korea. The research center that Samsung has in Suwon, South Korea closed temporarily after an employee got confirmed with the deadly virus.

After all, it made the company to make their 1,200 employees work from their home. Reports show that a 50-year-old woman is the infected one. She is the employee of the cleaning company of the facility. Meanwhile, she informed Samsung about her son on June 9. Then on June 10, she got confirmed with the infection. Samsung immediately stopped all the works in the facility. Besides, it closed the two-story building facility in which she worked.

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More Details About the Facility And The  Current Situation

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An amount of 1200 people are working in this Samsung facility. In 1200, one thousand of them are researchers. Besides, the other two hundred are visitors. After all, the first and second floors of the facility will remain closed until tomorrow. More than 230 workers already tested for the infection. In that, more than nine of the workers works with her tested negative.

However, the health officials from the city will inspect the whole facility before Samsung reopen it for work. Samsung said that all of its facilities are working in strict protocols to prevent the spread. All the facilities have required precautionary methods. It includes social distancing, sanitizing, usage of masks along with the recommended tests. Samsung is very concerned about its employees working in all facilities during this crisis. After everything sorted out, the company will restart the works in the facility pretty soon.

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