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COVID-19 App: WHO To Provide It For Countries Without An App


David Mudd

Specialized smartphone application for COVID-19 tracking is already available or in development in many countries. However, there are several countries that are not capable of having their own app. However, the World Health Organization is planned to develop a worldwide app for assessments. The app can be customized according to each of their need. However, a stock version will be there helpful for countries that do not have anything.

Contact Tracing And Other Privacy Issues

For the better user experience and updated information, the organization reached out to Apple and Google. Both of them have a joint tracking technology that promises data security. Although, there are concerns about the misuse of personal data by companies to turn to profit. After all, WHO will be providing the best app usable globally.


After all, WHO is the best and apt organization for letting the people know about current situations of the pandemic. Besides, the app could inform the people about the virus and lead them for more testing. The tracking of the spread will become impossible after the lockdown when society gets back to a normal life. So, widespread contact tracing may be the only thing they can do to trace it.

Australia, India, and the United Kingdom already created their own applications. Those based on their own technology. It gives new updates that help people to find whether they infected. After all, the app provided by WHO will be available in smartphone app market places. The underlying technology can used by any country to create their own models for the app. Engineers and technicians including former Google and Microsoft workers are on duty to create the app.

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